How to make a napkin from newspaper tubes

You’ll need
  • – newspapers;
  • – satin tape;
  • – acrylic paints;
  • – tassels;
  • – wire;
  • – beads;
  • – scissors
  • – PVA glue;

Cut newspaper sheets into 10-15 cm wide strips. Twisting these strips, starting at the corner, into tubules, fixing the free corner with glue.


For the bottom part, make more rigid tubes (from a whole newspaper sheet). The number of tubes depends on the size of the napkin. In this case it is necessary: 2 pieces of rigid tubes and about 5 pieces – ordinary.


Make the bottom of the napkin: cut the tubes 15 cm long in the amount of 4 pieces. Glue them together with PVA glue and leave until completely dry. Wink the whole part with wire to better glue the tubes.


When the glue is dry, remove the wire and make the side parts. Cut 14cm tubules for the main parts that form an angle.


Glue them on top of each other 2 tubes, fastening with wire and glue on two sides to the bottom part. First on the one hand, and when it dries, do the same on the other side. Note that these parts are glued on each side in the opposite direction.


Divide the bottom part into 4 segments, getting 3 marks – where the rest of the side tubes are fixed. Also, mark the labels on one of the main side parts.


Cut the required size of 3 tubes for each side, given that all tubes must be parallel to each other, so they will be different sizes. Stick all the details on one side first, then on the other and let dry completely.


Decorate the napkin: paint with silver acrylic paint. Prepare a satin ribbon and on one side of the stand make a bow, and in the middle of it come a bead. Fix in the top corner of the napkins with an adhesive gun (PVA glue) bow, and with the loose end of the ribbon wrap the main part of the side and secure it with glue on the bottom side.

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