How to make a mens open

You will need
  • – postcard pattern;
  • – decorative elements;
  • – contour stickers;
  • – double-sided foam scotch;
  • – curly scissors.

What to give a man? What souvenir or postcard would be appropriate? Every woman asked all these questions for once in her life. The choice is always difficult, because you want to make pleasant and please a loved one. The postcard will be a good addition to the gift and give solemnity to the moment. Today we will make you a strict and stylish postcard in contrasting colors. If desired, it can be made as a postcard envelope or just a regular postcard.
Take a ready-made postcard template. If you don’t have it, you can make of beautiful coloured cardboard with a density of from 200 g/m2. Measure the desired format, bend and align the edges. The pattern is ready. This time we will take a ready-made red matte card with an envelope. You can buy paper, cardboard, templates in any specialized department for scrapbooking, or in a large store of stationery with an extended assortment.


Now we will fill out our future postcard. We use several layers of different color and texture. In order to add volume, each new element will be glued on double-sided foam scotch. It will give visual textuality to the postcard. The edges of one of the elements can be treated with curly scissors. In general, the edges can be both straight and curly. Too fishnet they are better not to do, otherwise instead of strict, we will get a playful and flirtatious postcard.


Postcard for a solid man, so designate center postcard elements of men’s wardrobe: classic jacket, tie, watch. The decorative red background will contrast with the extra black background and echo the main background of the postcard.


Postcard is practically ready, it remains to add text. Congratulations, wishes of happiness and love. Contour stickers in white will give a light contrast, and silver wavy curbs will add accents. The main inscription “Happy Birthday” is placed from the bottom in the center. Symmetrically it and the main element lines add another label. The rest are arbitrary. Inside you can print and paste any text with congratulations at will. Our card with you will be an envelope for money, so just decorate with nice words the front part of the card.
Choosing a gift for a man is complicated. And if you fail to achieve his dream, you can at least remind him of it by sending a postcard showing what he aspires to. Maybe it will be easier for him to achieve what he wants. Congratulations men!!!

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