How to make a magnet “Iron Spider”

You will need
  • – 8 identical springs;
  • – 8 small round magnets;
  • – Cups ceiling lamp – 2 pieces;
  • – screw;
  • – nut;
  • – small round part from the lamp;
  • – small metal balls – 2 pcs;
  • – glue gun;
  • – screwdriver.

Magnets must be attached to one of the ends of each spring. To do this with an adhesive gun inside the spring, make something like a cushion out of the glue. After creating such a pillow, you should wait a couple of seconds before gluing the magnet, otherwise it will simply lose its properties and demagnize.


Foot-springs of the future spider must be clamped between two parts Ceiling lamp plafons so that the magnets are outside. Then insert a screw into the central hole and tighten the entire resulting design with a nut.


The next step is gluing the head of the crafts. To do this, simply apply the adhesive on the prepared part, then press it to a certain place. Note that the spider’s head doesn’t have to be heavy, otherwise the springs just won’t hold that weight.


Left to glue the product of the eye. The Iron Spider magnet is ready! Such crafts can be used not only as decoration of the refrigerator – it can hold with its feet springs all sorts of business cards and calendars. Also, this magnet can serve as an “organizer”, that is, hold handles and pencils in holes that are on the torso.

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