How to make a frame for decoration

You will need
  • – wooden frame;
  • – fabric;
  • – white acrylic paint;
  • – gold acrylic paint;
  • – single-piece crakelur varnish
  • – hooks or wooden handles
  • – synthepon
  • – flat brush
  • – screwdriver
  • – self-cutters
  • – glue gun
  • – sponge.

To begin with, you need to load the wooden frame using white acrylic paint. Once the first coat of paint is dry, take a simple kitchen sponge and apply gold paint to it. The next layer will be crakelur varnish, which must be applied to the frame with a flat brush so that it always moves in the same direction. The varnish should dry for at least 2 hours.


Lacquer dry. Now you can proceed to further decorating the wooden frame. Apply another layer of white acrylic paint to it. So you have to form crack-crakelures. It was at the expense of them that the effect of aging the wooden surface turned out.


Under the size of the subframe it is necessary to draw the part from synthepon. Also under it from the fabric you need to cut a flap with a margin of 10 centimeters, and on each side. Put the synthepon on the frame, cover it with a cloth, then fix it with an adhesive gun. If there is no such thing, a furniture stapler will be suitable. In the end, it turns out something like a small pad.


Next you need to make pens for decorations. To do this by self-cutting, make holes in the resulting pad in the places you think are suitable for this. It remains to twist the handles. Frame stand for jewelry is ready!

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