How to make a bracelet with your hands

You will need
  • – beads;
  • – seashells;
  • decorative cord;
  • – decorative roof;

  • – wire;
  • – plastic bottle;
  • – hand drill; – clippers;
  • glue “Super Moment”;
  • – adhesive tape.

Uncomplicated to make, but a spectacular bracelet can be obtained by stringing large beads onto a thin decorative cord. Halve the cord section and make a knot a short distance from the fold place so that a loop is turned out. The size of the loop should be sufficient to put the largest beads through it, which will serve as a bracelet clasp.


String on the folded halved drawstring of beads. If the material for the bracelet is not enough, you can tighten the knot on the cord after each bead.


By filling the beads a length sufficient to hold the wrist, fix the components of the bracelet, tighten the knot on the cord and adding after it a large bead or button that will serve as a clasp. Fix the last component of the bracelet with another node and trim the remaining cord.


To make the bracelet beads can be alternated with small shells. To make holes in this material, attach the shell with scotch to a wooden cutting board. Using a manual drill with a drill diameter of about 2 mm, drill a hole in the shell through the adhesive tape.


If you want to make a shape-saving decoration, use a memory effect wire. Separate the right number of turns by clippers from the coil and treat one of the ends of the wire with glue. String a few beads on this lot.


Put the rest of the beads on the wire. To keep the bracelet from crumbling, treat its end the same way as the beginning: apply glue on the wire and place a few beads on it.


A piece of clear plastic cut off from the bottle can be used as a rigid base for the bracelet. Connect the plastic strip into the ring and fix its edges with adhesive tape.


Decorate the outside of the bracelet with a wide decorative bracket or a stripe of fabric with a pattern. You will need a piece of teasma, the length of which exceeds the length of the bracelet circumference by the size of the seam. Set the ends of fabric tape so that the ring turns out, and pull it on a plastic base.


In a similar way make a lining that will be placed on the inside of the bracelet. To ensure that the fabric does not shift when the edges are treated, combine with tailor pins both layers through the plastic.


Trim the edges of the bracelet with a furnace, piercing the top decorative layer, plastic and lining.

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