How to learn dancing and at the same time save




best dance learning option is, of course, dance school. In big cities there are quite a lot of them, so it is not difficult to choose the one that optimally corresponds to the parameter “price-quality”. To decide on the choice, visit trial lessons in several schools, and then weigh all the pros and cons. Consider that learning in a large group is the most profitable option in terms of saving money. Also note that purchasing a season ticket saves money significantly.


Pay attention to the various specials and promotions: sometimes a trial lesson is offered at a significant discount. Moreover, on sites where discount offers are posted, you can often read ads about selling coupons for a cycle of dance lessons at half price, etc.

In large cities there are places (in parks, on the promenades) where dance lovers gather in different directions and dance completely free. A gathering place and schedule can be found on the Internet. Muscovites advise to pay attention to the embankment in Gorky Park. Moreover, Moscow residents have a great opportunity to attend master classes and learn dancing absolutely free of charge (such action is held, for example, in the Museon Arts Park).


Sometimes dance lessons may take place in fitness centers (e.g., Oriental dancing). If you attend a gym, you can combine pleasant with helpful.


Free video tutorials and video courses can help you in training. Occupying at home, in a familiar environment and at a convenient time for you, you will easily learn the main movements. If you are a dancer with experience, regularly watch videos of your “competitors” within the direction you are engaged in, it is a source of ideas, new moves, dance ties…


If you have friends or acquaintances who are into dancing, they can be asked to show you a few moves, can’t they?


What is not worth saving on is on comfortable dancing shoes, which are sold in special stores. Choose your shoes carefully: it should sit perfectly. And clothes for dancing will help create the right mood. Moreover, one or two comfortable suits for regular training is enough.

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