How to draw a harp in pencil;


harp is just a triangle

Look at the harp from the side on which the musician usually sits. You’ll see that it most resembles a triangle. That’s where you need to start drawing. The harp is a pretty tall musical instrument, so the sheet is better put vertically.

Drawing musical instruments is more convenient with a simple pencil. More precisely, a few pencils — very hard and medium softness. The first is needed for constructions, which in this case differ little from drawing, and the second is for stroke of contours and drawing parts.

At some distance from the bottom edge of the sheet, draw a short straight horizontal line. It is necessary to determine the location of the central column. It is better to position the strip closer to the left vertical edge of the leaf. Draw a long vertical line.

When drawing a ruler is usually not used, but you can make an exception to the image of musical instruments, especially if you need a sketch for the application.

Draw a right angle

Mark the height of the harp on the vertical line. From this point, swipe a horizontal straight. The length of this new stretch is approximately a third of the height of a musical instrument. Make a mark and draw a fine pencil from that point another vertical line. On it, set aside a distance roughly equal to half the top horizontal. Connect this point with straight lines to the ends of the original vertical line. You got the basis for the harp.

Pre-constructions are better done with very hard pencil, barely noticeable lines.

Sketch Ready

Draw the upper sloping line. It most resembles the top of the pattern sleeve and consists of two arcs. The convex portion of the upper arc is pointed upwards, the lower one is pointed downward. There may be other design options, so you will have to choose the best one. For example, this line might look like the top of the heart.

Draw the inner frame of the harp. Her outline exactly repeats the outer one. If you want to give a harp volume, draw another contour line — between existing ones. Draw several strings parallel to the column. Decorate your harp with ornament.

The volume can be given by hatching. There are several strokes overlay options. For example, you can apply horizontal arc strokes close to vertical column lines. If the hatch is vertical, it will be thicker at the contour lines and less frequently at the center.

A separate theme is a sketch for the application. In this case, you don’t need to hatch anything. Don’t even need strings. Draw a contour, cut it out of cardboard and cut it with foil. Strings can be made of lurex – it will be a great gift for the New Year.

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