How to draw a guy

Start of the drawing

Consider the entire composition of the future drawing. Decide what pose and what plan the guy will be, whether he will perform any actions, what emotions he will experience, etc. Also try to present visually the color scheme drawing and prepare appropriate simple and colored pencils.

Avoid one of the most common mistakes – attempts to start sketching with facial features and after that continue drawing the person. First, respecting the proportions, apply the outline of the entire drawing. Point the area of the sheet in which the drawing will be located. If you want to add other parts, make sure that they also have enough space.

The main stages

Draw the basis of a human figure – apris. To do this, you need to draw a straight and thin vertical line in pencil. Divide it equally into eight parts. The first upper segment must correspond to the size of the head. Make her sketch. Note that the young man’s face shape is better made slightly square. On the cheeks you can immediately chart cheekbones. With two thin lines from the chin, mark the contours of the neck, thus making the transition from head to body.

Indicate shoulders and forearms by targeting the intended segments. Choose the right body position — the guy can sit, stand, or perform another action. Depending on this, the body must adopt appropriate bends.

Map with dots or small mugs of the place of the creases of the hands and feet depending on the position of the body and proceed to draw the limbs. Note that the person’s arms get to about the middle of the thigh. The knee and ulnar joints of the body are slightly issued forward, having the shape of a cone with rounded edges.

Start painting the face as soon as the guy figure is ready. Make the contours of small and expressive eyes, nose and lips. Depending on the angle of the face, draw proportional ears. The hair is easiest to make curly, slightly covering the ears. Slightly noticeable strokes can add bristles to the face.

Finish the drawing with the addition of clothes. As outerwear, it is easiest to draw a loose T-shirt, shirt or jacket with zips or buttons. Cloudy a guy in fancy pants, jeans or shorts, depending on the overall idea. “Shoe” feet in sandals, sneakers or shoes. Drawing clothes, consider the volumes of the human body. Once the drawing is ready, gently wipe the extra sketches with the eraser.

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