How to draw a frog king

What does a frog look like?

It’s most convenient to draw a frog in profile. Of course, before taking a job, it’s better to consider a picture, a toy or even a live frog. When your future queen sits sideways to you, her body resembles a rectangle placed on one of the corners and tilted against the ground, and the back leg bent in the knee joint fits perfectly into the oval.

Put the leaf in the way you’re comfortable. Princess frog, of course, lives on the swamp, but in fairy tales even the simplest objects become unusual, so you can surround the figure with outlandish herbs and wonderful flowers, but it is better done later .

Draw two lines parallel to the bottom and left sides of the sheet. They’re needed to make it easier to navigate. After retreating from the point of crossing centimeters five up the vertical line, put the point.

You can start drawing the torso of the frog along with the head with the trapeze. The longer base is the upper line of the frog’s head.

The drawing starts with geometry

The step-by-step way, when parts of an object are built on the basis of geometric shapes, is quite simple and available even ten year old kid. From the point on the vertical line, start drawing a rectangle. Its sides should be placed at an acute angle to the lines already available. Between the auxiliary horizontal lines, draw a long oval. You got a foundation for the torso along with your head and back leg.

The oval, like the rectangle, starts from a vertical line to which the frog will be turned back. The opposite part of the long axis of the oval is at the upper right corner of the rectangle, or even slightly further away.

Rectangles and ovals turn into a frog

Gently connect the bottom left corner of the rectangle and the end of the long axis of the oval with a smooth line. Scroll the top corners of the rectangle. In the middle of the oval, draw an arc parallel to the top. Under the oval, draw a large flat paw.

Draw the details on

the head of the frog, closer to the back of the head, draw a semicircle, and in it — an eye. From the upper right corner, draw an arc of small curvature — mouth. Draw a frog hand. It may consist, for example, of two long ovals, roughly at right angles to each other. The hand ends with a brush. It can be clenched into a fist if your queen holds an arrow.

Arrow, crown and rest

Draw details that distinguish the frog queen from other frogs. On your head draw a crown. On the side it looks like a horizontal strip with cogs. Barbs can be decorated with small balls. The arrow is a thin straight wand, at one end of which is a triangle-spearhead and at the other, feathers, which are easiest to portray as two long rectangles with beveled short by the parties. Draw a leaf on which the frog sits, as well as various other plants.

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