How to decorate an applique

You’ll need
  • -jersey
  • -red fabric
  • -decorative cord
  • -blue thread mouline
  • -buttons
  • -pearl beads

Cut the details of the ship from red fabric, taking into account the intake of about 0.8 cm. We bend the edges of the details inward and reflect. It’s better not to make nodules so that it’s easier to pull threads.


We lay out the details of the ship on the jersey and reflect. Then spread on the typewriter. Remove the label.


Take a section of the decorative cord and sew it on the stern of the ship along the edges and in the middle. Sew 3 buttons on the cord with blue threads.


On the sail embroidered anchor with blue threads. You can sew a pair of pearl beads or sequins around the ship.

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