How to cut a bottle with acetone

You will need
  • – bottle;
  • – ice;
  • – cotton thread (wool);
  • – lighter (matches);
  • – pelvis (large pan)
  • – acetone (polish remover without additives and oils);

Wash the bottle and skim. Wink the thread on the bottle in the place where you plan to make the cut, tie and trim the ends of the thread.


Then remove the thread from the bottle and immerse in the acetone (removal liquid varnish), lightly anneel. Put the thread on the bottle again. Wash your hands and wet them well to avoid sunbathing.


Set fire to the thread and quickly spin the bottle around your axis until the filament is completely burnout and as long as the fire is visible.


Then quickly lowering the bottle into cold water, slightly break off the neck. Grinse uneven and lacerated edges. This way you can make a cut and at an angle.

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