Horoscope druids: rowabin

From the earliest years, a person born under the sign of a rowan is interested in everything unusual and new. It is attracted to modern technology. He dreams a lot and fantasizes. As a rule, such a person adores fantasy films and short stories, but he is also interested in science fiction.

Whoever by the horoscope of druids is a rowan, greatly appreciates personal space. He easily converges with people, talkative and extroverted, but protects his boundaries. The man of the rowan looks after new acquaintances for a long time, he rarely lets him too close. Also, born under the sign of rowan cherishes his freedom. Any restrictions plunge him into a badge of despair.


Rowan man early begins to show his inherent personality, to show his not the simplest character. In his teens, he tries everyone and everyone to show their independence.

Early becoming independent, the man – the Rowan at the same time tries to maintain contact with his family. He appreciates and sincerely loves parents, always ready to come to help loved ones and relatives.

Man-ryabin has leadership qualities. From such people are made excellent leaders and speakers. They know how to arrange colleagues and companions. Rian man is by nature very responsible, because he can be trusted with serious projects and business. However, despite his expressed leadership traits, such a person is not particularly keen to take a leadership position and lead people. He doesn’t like being responsible for other people’s actions, decisions and actions. It’s easier for him to move through life and on the career ladder independently, on his own.

From people who by the horoscope of druids are rowan, we turn out great friends. But lovers of them, usually not the most prominent. A person born under the sign of a rowan, is not often jealous and flashy, but he is foreign to romanticism. Often such personalities look very cold, indifferent and reserved for emotion. It seems that they can neither love, sympathize, nor miss.


rowan man is extremely picky in choosing a partner. He does not forgive betrayals, he does. And also won’t tolerate if the liability decides to limit his freedom of action. Such a personality doesn’t like to loudly and hotly figure out a relationship. However, if a person who has a sign – a rowan, still gets married, he tries to keep the family. For a wedding he is decided usually at a mature age, because the experience gained for life helps him to be tolerant.

People under the protection of a tree such as a rowan, know how to calculate the steps ahead. They like change, they can’t live quietly, measured and quiet. If no events occur in their lives, they become sluggish, irritable and dejected.

The rowan man is very mobile. He is quick to think, quick to act and without much hesitation makes even very serious, important decisions. Often it is impatient, he wants to get everything and at once.

As a fantasier, a rowan man can be realized as a first-class inventor. However, his ideas often outpace progress, remain obscure and unaccepted by his contemporaries. Therefore, not always wisdom and foresight play into the hands of people born under the sign of rowan.

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