Horoscope druids: nutter


hazel man possesses a living mind. He’s inquisitive, loves learning. He’s drawn to learn anything new all the time. That being said, the nut-man takes both theory and practice seriously. He likes doing research, conducting scientific activities. Among those who by the sign of the horoscope druids is a nutjob, many scientists, historians, inventors, engineers, archaeologists, medics, teachers, testers. Having chosen for himself a certain kind of activity, the man-hazel remains devoted to him throughout his life.

Despite the fact that people under the protection of a nutjob have developed logic, they have an analytical warehouse of mind, such personalities are still interested in art and creativity. From them can turn out talented writers, poets, screenwriters, artists, directors, designers. The hazel man is very observant, he knows how to notice details, as well as see beauty where other people can not see it. Thanks to such features, the man-hazel is able to create amazing works of art that will not leave anyone indifferent.

People who are born under the sign of a nutjob have quite a lot of talent. There are quite a few truly gifted personalities among them. However, because of disbelief in their own power, because of excessive sensitivity to criticism and to someone else’s opinion, it is difficult for them to overcome the internal barrier and to embark on the path of development, self-realization. The hazel man often strives for an ideal, tries to please everyone around, and it stops the creative process and deprives inspiration.

Because of the peculiarities of his psyche, human hazel is often imaginary. He’s no stranger to paranoia. In particularly dark moments of life, he can feel lost and surrounded by enemies, detractors. He often looks for a catch or double meaning where there is no such thing at all.

Because of its excessive suspicion, the hazel man can constantly face stress, which itself creates. This suffers from the nervous system, which is already weak enough in nutters. Under the influence of situations and negative thoughts, people who patronize the hazel often face psychosomatic diseases, headaches, insomnia and nerve tics.

Man hazel has quite a small supply of physical strength. Because it is quickly exhausted, needs regular full rest. Overbothered, the nut-man becomes apathetic, irritable, or even aggressive. At such moments, his inherent restraint goes on the back burner. He begins to make vexing mistakes, makes wrong decisions, and eventually just shrinks in himself, as if hiding in a shell, fleeing the cruel world around him.

Although the man is a hazel and looks cold, detached, in fact he can feel very strong emotions. Often they stifle it from within. However, fear of appearing weak or funny does not allow a person born under the sign of a nutjob to free themselves from experiences, to share their anxieties with the people around them.

If too many trials and problems fall out on the life path of a nutjob, he becomes cynical. In it wakes up an insidious manipulator who very easily rubbed into the trust, and after he starts to manage people, acting solely in his own interests.

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