Orchid — Maintenance and Leave


Orchids refer to plants epiphytes, i.e. are able to live on other plants, in nature it is trees. Having an orchid at home should be remembered. No need to try to grow it in the ground, it feels great in the substrate. It can be cooked on its own, or bought ready. It consists of bits of bark pine and moss.


Flower pot is better to choose transparent or white. Do not plant in clay, orchid roots can grow to it. It is important not to forget about ventilation, in the bottom of the pot it is necessary to make holes.


Transplanting the flower initially lay on the bottom of the pot drainage. It can be pieces of foam, then goes the substrate and finally the orchid. On top, pour the substrate. I would like to remind you that it is possible to replant the orchid once every 3 years. By napping the plant in no way press the roots.


Orchid lover of light. Its presence determines flowering time. But she does not bear the bright midday heat. The east or west side of the window is the nicest place for a flower. The leaves of the orchid can suggest a lack of light, they will go dark. When acquiring a yellow hue will tell you about excess light.


Watering should be carried out every 2-3 days. In winter time less often, once a week. The overhumidification orchid does not tolerate, make sure that the substrate is completely dry. The watering process is not standard, the pot with a flower should be put in a pelvis with water for 10 minutes. Then drain the water, leave the pot still to stand in the pelvis for a while.


The dry climate room is the enemy of the plant. Spraying is better done with warm water. The flowering orchid is better not to moisturize on top, can discount flowers. The temperature of the plant is 25 degrees. Orchids don’t like draft, but air movement is still necessary.


Orchid blooms from 1.5-2 years old. If there is no flowering, you can arrange a little stress. Temperature differences can trigger flowering. In winter the flower is best not to disturb, it is best left in a cool place until spring.

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