Gatsania: a charming African daisy


Timing and seeding technology The seedlings

are sowed from February to mid-March.

Take a planting tank and fill it with soil; you can use a ready universal meal for flower seedling or cook it yourself: mix vegetable earth, peat and sand in ratio 1:0, 5:0 .5.

It is possible to sow the gash into peat tablets.


Remove seeds from the packaging.

When seeding into a total landing capacity, the sequence of actions is as follows: fill the containers with soil, seal it and moisturize it from the sprayer. Spread the seeds and fill the soil.

When using peat tablets, act as follows: pour the tablets with water and wait for them to swallow; place the seed in the deepening and cover the ground on top; convenient seeds put into the tablet with a toothpick.

To create a greenhouse effect and accelerate seed germination, cover planting tanks with film, glass or cellophane bag.


Seedling Care

Put containers with crops of gatsania in a bright place and wait for sprouts.

Glamming occurs within 5-14 days, germination in the seeds is quite high.

Remember to remove shelter daily and ventilate landings for 20-30 minutes.
As soon as there are shoots, remove the cover.

Watering is required moderate, along the edge of the landing tank, the lower watering method can also be used.


Pike of the guzzling

When the sprouts grow by Two real leaflets, they can be piped into separate cups.

Before piking, field seedling to facilitate extraction from the ground.

Seedlings extract a small spoon, old life does not damage the root system.

Stuff cups with earth, in the center make a deepening and place a sprout in it, pour soil and pour.

Shade seedling for a few days.


14 days after the peak, feed the seedling with a complex mineral fertilizer.


Landing in the open ground and health care

B the open ground is planted when there is no threat of return freezes.

Place for planting choose sunny, without stalling water.

The soil is dug, if necessary, add sand and peregrated.


is planted 20 cm apart.

Care consists of watering, weeding, careful loosening of soil and feeding. Feed every two weeks with complex mineral fertilizer.

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