Flavored hedgehog from coffee grains

You will need
  • – plastic ball;
  • – paint brown;
  • – brush;
  • – stationery knife;
  • – scissors;
  • – jute twine
  • – coffee beans
  • – piece of foam
  • – cardboard
  • – black beads
  • – glue.

So, take a plastic ball. It needs to be cut into two halves. If you don’t have a plastic ball, then instead of it, a foam ball is suitable for the base, or rather half of it. Then with the help of a stationery knife cut out of a piece of foam foam a snout for a hedgehog.


You should then make the bottom using cardboard scissors for the base of the future hedgehog. Just attach it and round it, then cut it accordingly.


Now you need to paint the base of the crafts with brown paint. We give time to dry, then we start gluing all the parts, that is, the bottom and the muzzle connect to the half of the plastic ball.


We proceed to winding the product. We’ll need jute twine to do that. We trick them the bottom and the muzzle of the future hedgehog. I think there will be no problems with the muzzle, but with the bottom there can be questions. It’s really simple. It needs to be fooled in a circular. We find the middle, stick the beginning of the twine, and then, accordingly, we proceed to the main process. As a result, it turns out a workpiece for crafts.


Now we begin the most important procedure – slaying the hedgehog with coffee beans. It is necessary to start from the middle of the workpiece. So do row after row, and first move towards the back, and only then towards the muzzle.


Left to stick the spout and peepholes. We stick the beads. For the eyes we choose small, for the nose will suit a large one. The fragrant hedgehog is ready!

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