Wives and Children of Dmitry Sokolov

Dmitry Vladimirovich Sokolov is a showman, actor, humorist. It was he who founded the famous KVN team “Ural dumplings”. The actor’s personal life interests his fans. The actor is twice married and has five children.

Childhood love, getting married

First time Dima fell in love while in kindergarten. But the girl preferred another. Pretty much the same thing happened at school. In high school, Dmitry liked the girl. He went to a collective farm, worked there and received a sum for his work. The guy bought this money a posh bouquet of roses and decided to give his beloved girl. He came to her house, but the door was opened by Mum. Dima handed the bouquet to the woman and asked that she hand it to her daughter. The youngster himself became embarrassed and ran away. But the girl didn’t appreciate such efforts of the lover Sokolov. She later married his friend. But these were only childish and youthful hobbies.

Dmitry met his first wife at the institute. A pretty girl mastered the profession of an economist engineer. At that time students of universities periodically traveled as part of student construction units to help collective farms.

Here they not only worked hard, but also had fun vacations. In the evenings sang songs near the campfire, danced. The young man’s future wife Natasha was also in the construction unit. And since Sokolov always had a sense of humor, the girl paid attention to this cheerful balagur.

Romantic Dmitry looked after Natalia beautifully; the pair began dating. Then the lovers were married. 1992 brought to the spouses of the firstborn, who was named Sasha. And in 2002, the couple had a daughter, Anna.


showman’s mom says Natalia is a beautiful person. But as Dmitry was constantly touring, all the worries of the children lay on her shoulders. Therefore, at one point the spouse “dumpling” didn’t stand and gave him an ultimatum. She wanted him to stay more with his family at home. Husband and wife did not come to consensus and soon divorced.

Natalia severely survived the break-up, but to meet children Dmitry didn’t forbid. The woman still hasn’t found herself a new life companion, with her ex-husband getting married for a second time.

Dmitry Sokolov’s new spouse

is Ksenia Li. Sokolov saw the girl at a meeting of KVN teams which took place in the city of Yekaterinburg in 2006. Dmitry Sokolov sat in the jury as the recognized maitre, and Ksenia Li was a member of KVN team “Irina Mikhailovna”. The girl of nationality is Cossack. As Sergey’s friends recall, she immediately liked “dumplings”. But he’s 23 years older than her, and the girl tried to translate everything into a joke.

The man in love did not give up. Xenia Li confesses that no one has looked after her so beautifully. Dmitry was caring and kind, and after the New Year holidays in Sochi the young began to meet. In September 2011, they played a wedding. Of course, this memorable event was attended not only by relatives, but also by KVN Shchiki. So the wedding was very fun out of incendiary.

Dmitry has proved his love more than once to the friend. He gave her posh gifts, among them: a car, a fur coat and even a house.

Xenia has had an illness since childhood — a progressive deformity of the legs. When there was another aggravation, she could no longer walk on her own. We had to have surgery. But Ksenia was very worried, couldn’t decide on it. However, Sokolov managed to persuade the beloved and get money for subsequent rehabilitation.

Dmitry was always there for his wife. When her feet were hurt at night, he massaged them.

Sokol’s mom says Xenia managed to find an approach to her son. And they’re one plan. Also unites spouses and KVN.

Dmitry Sokolov’s children

Them at a large father five. The first spouse gave Dmitry Vladimirovich two children. Son Alexander was born in 1992, and daughter Anna was born in 2002.

From his second wife Dmitry Sokolov has three children. Daughter Maria was born in October 2012. Ivan was born in 2015 on 19 April. Daughter Sofia was born on May 19, 2017.

The press wrote that the son Ivan became a gift to the newly-minted father for a fiftieth decade. The boy was born when Dmitry was celebrating his anniversary.

Happy KVN shchik hurried to share this joyful news on social media. He wrote that Sokolov Vanya was born, the height of a boy 54 cm.

Dima’s workshop colleague Yulia Mikhalkova said that they played a concert in honor of fifty years old humorist, celebrated this event, Ksyusha danced. And the next day she gave birth to a son.

When the youngest daughter of Sokol — Sofia was born, he also gladly informed that he had a child, the height of the girl 52 cm, and the weight — no small 4 kg.

Dmitry Sokolov treats all his children well. His mother says that when Ksyusha together with little Sophia came to him for filming, there were the showman’s children from his first marriage – Anya and Sasha. They received new arrivals well and even babysit the baby when the father was busy.

Dmitry Sokolov himself is happy with his second wife, he is a large dad and a successful showman.

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