Encarna Paso: biography, career, personal life


 Real name of actress – Maria de la Encarnacion Paso Ramos. It came to light on 25 March 1931. Paso’s birthplace is Madrid. There, the actress died on 18 August 2019 at the age of 88. The cause of Encarna’s death was pneumonia. Paso grew up in a creative family. Her father – Antonio Paso DĂ­az – was a playwright. His paternal grandfather (Antonio Paso y Cano) was also engaged in creating dramatic works, and his brother Manuel was a famous Spanish poet.

Encarna was not only a film actress, she performed many roles in theatre. Paso is one of the more prominent Spanish actresses of the late 20th century art scene. She could be seen in performances such as “The Clock Buyer”, “The Valencian Widow from Lope de Vega” directed by Ángel FernĂĄndez Montesinos, “The Beautiful Dorothea” by Miguel Miura, “His Loving Wife” Jacinto Benavente. Encarna played in the plays “Come, I’ve Got the Dead from Jack Peplowell”, “In El Escorial, My Dear” by her uncle Alfonso Paso, “Races”, “Flies”, “Abduction of Altona”. Also among the productions featuring Paso are “Bernard Alba’s House”, “Chicken Soup with Barley”, “Graveyard of Birds”, “Stories from the Vienna Forests”, “Death of a Traveler”, “Visit of an Old Woman”, “Step by Step” , “Dancing in Summer”, “Someday We’ll Work Together”. The actress was invited for roles in the performances “Random Traps”, “The Mousetrap” based on the work of Agatha Christie, “Apples Friday”.

The beginning of his career in film

to film Encarna began around the middle of the 20th century. In 1953, she sang the role in Luis Lijero’s comedy with the original title Sobresaliente. Her set partners were Valeriano AndrĂ©s, Manuel Arbo, Rafael Arcos and Ricardo B. Arevalo. That same year, she got a role in the drama “Reckless Curious” with Aurora Bautista, JosĂ© MarĂ­a Seoane, Roberto Rey, Rosita Yarza. After 9 years, she was invited to the film La viudita naviera. The comedy was not only shown in Spain but also in Portugal. In the same year, she starred in five more films. Among them is the HĂ©roes de blanco co-produced by Spain and Argentina. The drama director is Enrique Carreras. The lead roles went to Jaime Blanch, Mercedes Carreras, JosĂ© Castell and Herman Cobos.

Then there was the work in a painting of Mentirosa produced by Spain and Mexico. In the lead roles of this comedy thriller, you can see Isabel GarcĂ©s, JesĂșs Tordesillas, Gabriel Llopart and Ana Maria NoĂ©. Encarna’s next work took place in the film El grano de mostaza. The director and screenwriter of this comedy is JosĂ© Luis Saens de Heredia. In the Vuelve San ValentĂ­n fantasy melodrama, Paso starred alongside actors such as Georges Rigaud, Amparo Soler Leal, Manolo GĂłmez Boer and Teresa del RĂ­o. The final work of 1962 was the painting “The Queen of Chanteclair”. The melodrama was shown in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and the USSR. According to the story, the girl hides from the chosen family from the noble family his profession. He sings in the cabaret and fears neither the beloved nor his family will understand her. Of course, the man will know the whole truth. In Soviet film rentals, the film was very popular. It is among the 50 most visited paintings in cinemas in the USSR.


In 1963, the actress was cast in the film La batalla del domingo. Her set partners included Alfredo Di Stefano, Isabel Garces, Marie Santpere, Manolo GĂłmez Boer. Encarna was then given the role of Calvani in the TV series “Novella”, which ran from 1963 to 1978. After there was work in another miniseries film “Studio 1″. The drama was shown from 1965 to 1984. Paso played Gina in it. In 1971, she could be seen as Rita in the film “The Glass Ceiling”. In this detective horror film, Encarna has a prominent role. Her partners were Carmen Sevilla, Dean Selmir, Patty Shepherd and Fernando CebriĂĄn. She later played in the drama Mateo Cano with the original title Secuestro a la española. This film went to screen in 1972.

In 1974, she starred in the drama “Cousina Angelica”. Events develop in times of civil war. The film won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. 2 years later, Encarn could be seen in the painting “Woman Belongs to Men”. At the center of the comedy is an unemployed woman who is contained by several lovers. In the same year, Paso received the role of Gloria in Antonio JimĂ©nez Rico’s war drama “Family Portrait”. Along with her, the painting starred Antonio Ferrandis, Amparo Soler Leal, Monica Randal and Miguel Bose. Enkarn received his next role in the film “Koreyanka”. Its heroine is one of the central ones in the drama. In 1977, she starred in the painting “Silkworm Caterpillars” as Teresa. The plot begins to develop before the civil war begins.

In 1980, Encarna received a role in the drama “Chocolate”. The lead characters were played by Manuel De Benito, Ángel AlcĂĄzar, Paloma Jil and AgustĂ­n GonzĂĄlez. The following year, she was invited to play the role of Helena in the painting “Start Over”. At the center of the drama is a famous poet who comes to his homeland and indulges in memories. The picture won an Oscar as Best Foreign Language Film. In 1982, Paso played in the drama “Roy”. The film tape took 2 prizes at the Berlin Film Festival. The painting was also presented at the Chicago International Film Festival. In the same year, Encarna was invited to play the role of Gloria in the film “Demons in the Garden”. The drama’s director and screenwriter is Manuel GutiĂ©rrez Aragon. The painting won 2 prizes at the Moscow International Film Festival and the San Sebastian Prize.

In the mid-1980s, the actress could be seen as Pili in JosĂ© Luis GarcĂ­’s film “This Period in Life Continues”. The picture was nominated for an Oscar. In this film, Paso has one of the central roles. Her partners were Adolfo Marsillach, JesĂșs Puente, MarĂ­a Casanova and JosĂ© Bodalo. A year later, Encarna starred in the film “Closed Case”. Paso has one of the lead roles. In 1987, the actress was offered a role in the fantasy comedy “Living Forest”. Encarna’s heroine is Juanita Arruallo. The lives of the film’s characters magically intersect. The film tape won the Goya and San Sebastian awards and was nominated for the European Film Academy Award.

The following year, Paso could be seen in the Spanish comedy Loco veneno. Her fellow filmmakers were Pablo Carbonel, Mari Ángeles Acevedo, JosĂ© Luis Alexandre and Manuel Alexandre. In 1989, Encarna starred in a television movie with the original title La leyenda del cura de Bargota. The director and screenwriter of the picture is Pedro Olea. In 1994, the series “Married” began, with the actress playing Felisa. The comedy’s director and screenwriter is Pedro Mazo. In the same year she, together with Amparo Soler Leal, played in a short painting by Miguel Albaladejo Cenizas a las cenizas. Among Paso’s most recent work in film is Vicki’s role in the 2000 film “The Miserable Life”.

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