Distinctive features of “Tild” doll

Doll’ Tilda ‘is a character with disproportionate body parts. At the moment there are many varieties of these toys – animals, fabulous characters, people. However, each of the characters has certain traits that distinguish them from the other dolls.

Primarily the main sign of the “Tilda” doll is the disproportionality of the silhouette: long limbs are combined with plump tummies or individual body parts.

The second hallmark is “lack of face.” The face is absent from dolls in a figurative sense, it is usually designated only conventionally – dots instead of eyes, nose and stitching from thread instead of mouth. And each character’s cheeks are necessarily slightly powdery.

The third point is a palette of shades of the material from which the dolls are made. The fact is that bright toys in this design direction are unacceptable. Doll “Tilda” is sewing from the material of mostly pastel tones. That is why such a toy fits into any interior and immediately attracts attention.

At the moment in sale you can find special sets for the production of dolls “Tilda”, which includes synthepon for stuffing, patterns, material itself and additional accessories. It is also worth noting that “Tilda” is always sewing only from natural materials – linen, cotton, wool.

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