Decoupage on the glass

Preparation of materials

To design a transparent plate in reverse decoupage technique, put it in front of you on a table fastened with a gluer or something else to protect the surface of furniture. Rub the outside of the plate thoroughly with glass washing liquid or alcohol. This is necessary to degrease and remove dirt.

If you suddenly leave a fingerprint on a glass surface, immediately remove it with a cotton disc of alcohol. Otherwise the dirt will be perfectly visible on the outside of the plate.

Prepare a swipe motif. Cut the picture with scissors. When ripping out the motif with your hands and sticking it to the glass, using reverse decoupage technique, an uneven edge can be visible from the obverse side. Divide the napkin into separate layers, leaving only colored to decorate – the rest you won’t need.

Reverse decoupage plate

Attach the picture to the back of the plate face down. For gluing, you can use PVA adhesive, diluting it to a liquid state, or fasten the work immediately with acrylic varnish. With a soft flute brush, apply the adhesive composition on top of the motif, at the same time aligning the picture in the place placed for it. Smooth all folds and bloats from center to edges, drive out air bubbles and extra glue or varnish.

Remove all of the edges of the picture PVA glue or acrylic varnish with cotton sticks or discs to avoid stains. To enhance the brightness of the glued pattern, apply white acrylic paint or acrylic soil on top of it.

Finish plate decoration

To give the work a finished look, cover with patterns of the edge of the plate. Attach the pattern pattern to the inside of the decorated utensils. Use the contour for glass. You can apply solid lines repeating the pattern or make it separate small points. It all depends on your desire and skill.

When the pattern is completely dry, wet the entire patterned background with a piece of foam, which is maced in acrylic paint for glass work. Dry and cover the entire reverse side of the plate with acrylic varnish in several layers, making sure to dry each.

If you are thinking of using the plate for a direct purpose, cover it with special glass polish. Then the dishes must be put in the oven and sustained at a certain temperature. This data is written on the varnish label.


finished plate can be washed with water and sponge without abrasive substances.

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