Cyril Delevanti: biography, career, personal life


 Cyril Delevanti was born on 23 February 1889 in London. His father is Edward Prospero Professor of English and Italian Music Richard Delevanti, his mother is Mary Elizabeth, née Rowbotham.


Delevanti’s acting career began on stages of English theatres, and in 1921 he emigrated to the United States and throughout the 1920s performed on the American stage.

Delevanti’s film acting debut came in “Devotion” (1931). In 1938, he played a role in the painting “Red Barry” directed by Ford Beeb. Subsequently, the Beeb would breed with Cyril by marrying his daughter Kitty Delevanti, and would thus become his son-in-law.

In the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s, Cyril is cast in a host of small roles, often even without mention in the credits. The most famous of these are “The Phantom of the Opera” (1943), “The Secret Agent” (1945), “Deception” (1946), “Monsieur Verdu” (1947), “Forever Amber” (1947), “David and Virsavia” (1951), “Limelight” (1952), “Les Girls” (1952) 1957), “Poka-bye, Birdie” (1963), and “Mary Poppins” (1964).

In 1957, Cyril appeared as the florist Mr. Tulloch in “The Case of the Silent Partner”. In 1958, Delevanti played the role of printmaker Lucius Coin in all 26 episodes of the television series-western “Jefferson Drum”, filmed by NBC with Jeff Richards in the title role. He also played two guest roles in the television series “Peri Mason” in the first and final (ninth) season. In 1965 he became a bookmaker named Craig Jefferson in the motion picture “The Case of the Silent Six”.

Delevanti played starring roles in many well-known series: “Dennsey the Menace” (1959), “U.S. Marshal”, “The Fugitive”, and others. He starred in the famous films “Murder of Sister Georgie” (1968) and “Bedding and Broom” (1971).

In 1964, Cyril was nominated for a Golden Globe Award in the Best Supporting Actor category for his work in “Night of the Iguana”.


Over his career, Cyril Delevanti has played roles in several dozen films and television series:

  • ” Devotion” (1931) was a reporter role;
  • “Errowsmith” (1931) was a committee member;
  • “Red Barry” (1938 TV series) was a Vin Fu;
  • “Dispatch from Reuters” (1940) was a supplier role Cockney News;
  • “Man Hunt” (1941) — role of taxi driver;
  • “Confirm or Disprove” (1941) — role of Belhope (scenes featuring him cut);
  • “Night Monster” (1942);
  • “ Journey for Margaret” (1942) was a director role;
  • “When Johnny Returns Home” (1942) was a professor role;
  • “The Adventures of Smiling Jack” (1943 TV series) was the roles of Mach Lyin and Hana Poe;
  • “Frankenstein Meets Wolf Man” 91943) was the role of Undertaker Freddie Jolly;
  • “All Yourself” (1943) was the role of Mr. Vincent;
  • “Two Ticket to London” (1943) was the role of Scotsman;
  • “ The Phantom of the Opera” (1943) was the role of an accountant;
  • “The Holy Matrimony” (1943) was the role of a townsman;
  • “Son of Dracula” (1943) was the role of coroner Dr. Peters;
  • “Lodger” (1944) was the role of a townsman working scene;
  • “The Imposter” (1944) — the role of the bartender;
  • “The Ghost Lady” (1944) — the role of Claude;
  • “Her Primitive Man” (1944) — the role of the scientist;
  • “Revenge of the Invisible Man” (1944) was the role of shopkeeper Malty Bill;
  • “Shadow of Suspicion” (1944) was the role of Mr. Lewis;
  • “Ministry of Fear” (1944) was the role of railway agent;
  • “Enter Arsène Lupin” (1944) was the role of Mr. Lewis wine expert;
  • “Double Exposure” (1944) — the role of Henry’s waiter;
  • “Queen of the Jungle” (1945) — the role of Rogers;
  • “Jade Mask” (1945) — the role of Roth;
  • “Sherlock Holmes and the House Fear” (1945) was the role of Stanley Raeburn;
  • “The Ghost of 42nd Street” (1945) was the role of Roberts;
  • “The Shanghai Cobra” (1945) was the role of Detective Larkin;
  • “The Fatal Witness” (1945) was the role of the second coroner;
  • “The Scotland Yard Investigator” (1945) — the role of the police surgeon;
  • “Kitty” (1945) — the role of Hoth Hawker;
  • “This is Our Love” (1945) — the role of the secretary;
  • “The Confidential Agent” (1945) — role of entrepreneur;
  • “Captain of the Tug Annie” (1945) — role of Fred;
  • “Dalton Rides Again” (1945) — role of Jennings;
  • “Three Strangers” (1946) — role of stockbroker;
  • “ Return of the Shadow” (1946) was the role of John Adams;
  • “Lost Jungle City” (1946 TV series) was the role of a spokesman for the Peace Foundation;
  • “Dressed to Kill” (1946) was the role of a convict in prison Dartmoor;
  • “The Mysterious Mr. M” (1946) was the role of Professor Jackson Parker;
  • “Deception” (1946) was the role of a beggar;
  • “I Will Be Yours” (1947) was the role of a businessman;
  • “Monsieur Verdu” (1947) — role of postman;
  • “Attracted” (1947) — role of medical examiner;
  • “Forever Amber” (1947) — role of shoemaker;
  • “Imperial Waltz” (1948) — role of diplomat;
  • “David and Virsavia” (1951) was an indefinite minor role;
  • “Limelight” (1952) was the role of the clown Griffon;
  • “D-Day of the Sixth June” (1956) was the man in the service room;
  • “Johnny Tremaine” (1957) — the role of Mr. Robert Newman;
  • “The Landing Hook” (1957) — the role of Yunius;
  • “Les Girls” (1957) — the role of a fanatic with the sign of “What is Truth”;
  • “Ride out for Revenge” (1957) — the role of a fanatic preacher;
  • “Sabu and the Magic Ring” (1957) — the role of Abdul;
  • “Gun Fever” (1958) — the role of Jerry;
  • “Teacher’s Pet” (1958) — the role of copykeeper;
  • “Kings Go on” ( 1958) was the role of Blairs butler;
  • “I Bury the Living” (1958) was the role of William Isham;
  • “From the Terrace” (1960) was the role of Secretary McHardy;
  • “Paradise Alley” (1962) was the role of Grandpa;
  • “Dead Zonary” (1964) was the role of Butler Henry;
  • “Night of the Iguana” (1964) was the role of Nonno;
  • “Mary Poppnis” (1964) was the role of Mr. Grubbs;
  • “The Greatest Story Ever Told” (1965) ) — the role of Melchior;
  • “Oh, Dad, Poor Dad, Mom hung you in the closet, and I’m so sad” (1967) — the role of Hawkins;
  • “Counterpoint” (1968) — the role of Tartsov;
  • “Murder of Sister Georgie” (1968) ) — the role of Ted Baker;
  • “Macho Callahan” (1970) — the role of an old man;
  • “Bedding and Broom” (1971) — the role of an elderly farmer;
  • “Silent Green” (1973);
  • “Girl, Rather total…” (1973) was the role of the chaplain;
  • “Black Eye” (1974) was the role of Talbot (the last work in film).

Cyril Delevanti’s

personal life and death

was married to Eva Kitty Peel (1890-1975). They married in 1913 and happily lived a lifetime together. They had three children: Kitty (born 1913), Cyril (1914-1975) and Harry (born 1915).

In the 1950s, when Cyril retired, they ran a toy store in downtown Los Angeles.

On December 13, 1975, Cyril Delevanti died of lung cancer. It happened in Hollywood. The actor’s body was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.

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