Coffee topiary with your hands

You’ll need
  • – coffee beans
  • – PVA glue
  • – alabaster
  • – water
  • – brush
  • – paint or gouache
  • – decor elements
  • – vasochka
  • – twig of wood
  • – newspaper
  • – Scotch
  • – napkin

Do the workpiece for topiary. To do this, we roll old newspapers into a small ball or any other, liked shape. We glue the workpiece with scotch, apply glue on top and wrap the shape with napkins in several layers. Take a sprig or pencil as a tree trunk and color it brown. Attach a branch to the workpiece. She needs to poke the workpiece and pour the hole with glue. Waiting for the glue to dry.


On the finished shape, stick the coffee beans in two layers, first troughs down, the second layer gutters up. Adhesive to the trunk and ensure that the grains are tightly placed to each other. Mix alabaster with water and pour it into a cooked vase, put a tree in a container and wait for the mixture to dry.


Move to decor. Decorate the finished topiary at will.

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