Choice of comedy to watch

Comedies come different

It’s worth noting that comedies fall into several categories. The first includes those that can be viewed in a family circle with parents, grandparents. There is no vulgarity, obscene language and “below the belt” humor in them. These include Soviet films such as “Diamond Hand”, “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Profession”, “Operation A”, “Caucasian Captive”, “Gentlemen of Good Luck”, “Service Novel”, and many others. On par with Soviet comedies, French and Italian films starring Louis de Funes and Adriano Celentano were popular in the USSR. A whole generation has grown up on these comedies, if you choose to watch one of them for Saturday, you’re unlikely to regret it.

Up to twelve and older

Children will be interested to see simpler and more understandable comedies, for example: “Home Alone,” “Nannies,” “Two: Me and My Shadow,” “The Mask” with Jim Carrey, “Babe” or “Garfield” , “101 Dalmatians”, the “Asterix and Obelix” film series. Children watch such films with great delight, and parents will be pleased to remember those films they watched as children.

Older children will be attracted to comedies of another plan, teens 12-13 years may like comedy “Overboard” 1987, “Twins” 1988, TV series “Police Academy”, trilogy “Police Officer” of Beverly Hills”, 2006’s “Night at the Museum”, “The People in Black” and virtually any comedy starring Jim Carrey. From Russian films, teenagers under 16 can be offered “Maximum Security Vacations” with Sergei Bezrukov or “Tariff New Year”. The

Russian audience loved the films with the participation of “Quartet I” – “Election Day” and “Radio Day”, as well as the favorite of many simple and fun “Theory of the Zapoy”.

Category 16+

Everything is much easier here, you can choose both old comedy and something fresher, it all depends on what humor you orient. If you’re not a fan of intellectual humor, all the parts of “Very Scary Movie,” “Vampire Jump” 2010, “Movi 43,” 1999’s “American Pie,” 2001’s “Party King,” or any comedy with Adam Sandler. The

“Very Scary Cinema” film series is a type of comedy genre — parodies of other films. They ridicule both scary and tragic moments in horror films and thrillers.

Not without interest is the 2000 comedy “Meet Your Parents” starring Robert de Niro and Ben Steeler, as well as its sequel “Meet the Torches” and” Familiarity with Torches 2” 2004 and 2010 respectively. Many men like the 2009 film comedy “Bachelor Party in Vegas”, 2010’s “Time Machine in the Jacuzzi”, 2011’s “Celibate Week” and 2004’s “Eurotour”. Women will be more suited to the films “Till Death Beautiful” 2009 and “Blonde in Law” 2001 release.

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