Butterfly Designer Tack

You will need
  • – natural fabrics;
  • – 1 m oblique beaks;
  • – buttons;
  • – synthepon;
  • – thread;
  • – fabric;
  • – sewing marker;
  • – sewing pins;

Make a butterfly pattern.


Transfer the pattern to the fabric and uncover: 2 large parts (for the bullock) and 4 are small (for wings). Make tips for wings in 0.5 cm (inside line). Cut out of synthespon: 2 large parts and 2 small ones.


Screw the sintepone wing with suggestive seams at the edges to the fabric wing, putting the details inside out, and stitch them together on the inside. Make a few incisions along the wingbending line so as not to axe. Turn and line.


Adhesive synthepon with 2 base details. If synthepon is thick, one layer can be made. Fold the details inside out. Prepare the tezma for the effort, cutting it into 2 parts, squint and lay two lines. After making small incisions at the base of the wings, turn the butterfly.


Draw a pattern on the mottled fabric for the decorative stitch (outside) and build on the pattern.


Cut the top applique from the fabric with 0.5cm poolings and come manually.
Make a circle 2 times the size of the planned circle for the lower application. Then cut a circular pattern from the paper to adjust dimensions, attach it to the part by drawing its contours. Grow over the drawn borders. Remove
the remaining ends of the fabric with a thread and assemble into a bundle, leaving the long end of the thread, with which to bring the button into the center of the flower circle.


Decorate with buttons and large stitches pattern wings.


Combine an oblique tank all the details, securing it with sewing pins to to the outer edge of the wings, while attaching the ends of the beaks to the inner part. Put in a suggestive stitching. Turning away the tank, rinse with large stitches. As a result, it should turn out that the width of the backside stitch is 1-2 mm larger than the face stitch.

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