Bouquet of tea bags and candy


will need
  • – candy;
  • – tape;
  • – wire;
  • – insulation (scotch);
  • – corrugated paper;
  • – scissors, stapler, glue;
  • – optional decor;
  • – decorative film and mesh –
  • tea bags in individual packaging (Greenfield);
  • Instructions
    Make flower-crocuses out of candy. Cut into yellow corrugated paper strips of size – 11*3,5 (4cm).
    It takes 5 strips per flower. Twisting the top of the strip on one turn, step inside and stick. Slightly stretch the edges of the resulting petal, giving a convex shape.


    Scrape between each other 5 petals using a stapler or glue.


    Wrap the candy in decorative gift film and top – into a net, twist the ponytail and snap it with scotch. Collect the flower by fastening the petals in the base with scotch (elastic band). Stick a piece of wire to the base or fasten it on the tail of the candy, arching the end of the wire into a “hook”.


    On each flower collected, there should be 7 pieces, put on the funtics of packing film. Decorate the bouquet with additional decorative elements highlighting the festive theme. For example, if a bouquet is prepared for the New Year, you can decorate with pine twigs with cones or other New Year attributes.


    Collect into a single bouquet of candy crocuses and decorative sprig, winding the insulated trunk of the bouquet for strength.


    “Cloudy” bouquet in “skirt” of corrugated paper. Stick to the “skirt” a drop of glue tea bags, which in their green packaging will serve as peculiar leaflets, framing the bouquet.


    Putting “skirt” on a bouquet, strap the trunk with a decorative ribbon.

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