Best foreign rock bands 70-80 years


Collective from the USA, performing hard rock music. In 1974, the band’s album Get Your Wings sold out over three million records. Until the end of the decade, the team was among the top five performers most popular worldwide.

Van Halen

Another foreign team performing heavy rock. The virtuoso guitar duo made the collective a classic, and guitar-lovers to this day consider their performance an unattainable canon.


rock band from the UK, founded in the late 70s. In the work of this collective organically merged elements of heavy rock and proto-thrash. The most famous composition is No Sleep ’til Hammersmith.


A legendary English band that started their career in the 1970s. Queen remained at the top of popularity for decades. The success of this collective is the stunning vocal data of the band’s soloist Freddie Mercury and great music. As reference editions suggest, absolutely all Queen’s albums have gone platinum.

Uriah Heep

This collective combined instrumental solos with slices of heavy rock. The main hit is Lady in Black.

Led Zeppelin

A cult 70s-80s team performing hard rock. It is the musicians of Led Zeppelin that you can call the founders of the heavy metal style. The creativity is characterized by powerful vocals combined with heavy musical accompaniment.

It is the musicians of Deep Purple who are called the founders of hard rock.


Another legendary rock collective originally from New York, which many are remembered for its evocative stage images, including gothic makeup, and traditional pyrotechnic shows for performances. Kiss’s best hits are Detroit Rock City, Strutter, Rock and Roll All Night.


The band from Australia compatible heavy rock and rock and roll in their work. AC/DC’s best known single is Highway to Hell.

Pink Floyd Pink Floyd

is an iconic British music collective whose songs can be called a generation symbol. Since 1973, every new Pink Floyd album has occupied the top lines of hit parades. The album that brought the band the most fame is The Wall.

World rock legends included bands such as Scorpions, Sex Pistols, U2, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana.

Deep Purple

This English band has become one of the legends of world rock. In 1970 they became famous due to the rock opera “Jesus Christ is a Superstar”. Top hits are Smoke On The Water, Gettin ‘Tighter.

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