Antonio Ferrandis: biography, career, personal life


Full name of actor – Antonio Ferrandis Monrabal. He was born on 28 February 1921 in Paterna in Valencia. Antonio died on 16 October 2000. Ferrandis worked as a teacher, but dreamed of becoming an actor. He began acting in theatre. Antonio participated in Francisco Rabal’s production of “Oedipus” in the title role. The actor died in a Valencia hospital. He was 79 years old. A film about his life was released posthumously.

1950s and 1960s In the

1950s, the actor began acting in movies. He first appeared in episodes. Among his first paintings are “Scoundrel”, “Marcelino, Bread and Wine”, “Man on the Island”, “Goodbye, Mimi Pompon”, and “Placido”. The actor could also be seen in the films “Women’s Rights”, “Dulcinaea” and “The Executioner”. He played his first big role in the 1963 film “Achieve More”. The drama’s director and screenwriter is Jesus Fernández Santos. The actor’s filming partners were María José Alfonso, José Canalejas and Félix Fafos. Several more occasional film roles followed in “Almost Caballero”, “The Devil Cries Too”, “The Lost Woman”, “With the East Wind”, “Sister Citroen”, “How to You Service!”.


In 1971, the actor played Santiago in the drama “My Beautiful Señorita”. The film was nominated for an Oscar. The film was presented at the Pantalla Film Festival in Pinamar, the Figueira da Foch Film Festival and the Chicago International Film Festival. The following year, he appeared as Don Arturo in “A Cute Heir Seeking a Wife”. According to the plot of this comedy, a young man is obliged to marry and settle in the village in order to obtain a large inheritance. The Bachelor seeks a way out of position, and a saleswoman comes to his aid, nominating her candidacy. For the money, she’s ready to be the boyfriend’s legal spouse, but the woman didn’t imagine village life well.

In 1972, Ferrandis played Philippé in “Paris Worth a Maiden”. According to the story, the hero needs to find the daughter and granddaughter of his boss. Once a long time ago a man kicked a pregnant girl out of the house, but wants to see her family before she dies. To find the native superior, the young man went to Paris. In 1974, Antonio played José in the comedy “Restless Pop”. The director is Luis Maria Delgado. Then there was the role of Luis in Roberto Bodegas’s comedy “The New Spaniards”. In 1975, the actor could be seen as Vittorio in the comedy “Sins of an Almost Decent Girl”. According to the plot, the rector of the parish before the bishop arrives learns that her lover has died in his sister’s bed. Such an event can significantly ruin the reputation of the abbot. Ferrandis played Thomas in the horror film “Leonor” about a woman who resurrected 10 years after her death.

The actor later played Marcelo in the comedy “How I Became a Prostitute”. It is the life story of a fallen woman who once came to town from a village to find a good job and build personal happiness. The actor later played in the drama “Grand House” the film was nominated for “Golden Bear”. In 1976, Antonio was given the role of Pepe in the painting “Woman Belongs to Men”. The plot tells of a beautiful woman her lovers contain. Ferrandis then appeared in the war drama “Family Portrait”. The film was screened in Spain and Portugal. He could next be seen starring in Ángel del Pozo’s drama “The Promise”, the film “The Man Who Could Love”, and the film “Coutege”.

1977 brought the actor the role of Alberto in the drama “Silkworm Caterpillars”. The action of the painting takes place in the period before the Spanish Civil War Antonio then played businessman Gundisalvo, who wants to run for Parliament, in the comedy “Vote for Gundisalvo”. After he reincarnated into the cruel landlord Don Diego, who mistreated his peasants, in the film “On Love and Death”. He could next be seen as Álvaro in the comedy “National Gunfire”. According to the story, the businessman tries to get on the hunt, which is arranged by the famous Marquis. In 1979, the actor played Tio in the comedy “Vicenta’s Virginity”. The director of the film tape is Vicente Escriva. He sang the title role in the TV series “Don Quixote of Lamanchi”. The adventure film was shown in Spain, the Netherlands and Germany.

1980s In the 1980s

, the actor was more likely to receive major roles. Among such works is the film “Fear of Going Out in the Evening”, where Antonio played Don Cosme. He then played in the comedy “Why Is It So Hard to Find Love?” 1981. The director is Maurizio Lucidi. In the TV series “Blue Summer”, Ferrandis also played the central character. The drama ran in 1981 and 1982. He later played the main character, Antonio Abrahara, in the drama “Start Over”. According to the story, the famous poet returns to his homeland and remembers the past.

in 1984, the actor starred in the biographical drama “The Memory of General Escobar”. 2 years later, Ferrandis could be seen in the drama “The Last Romance”. The director of the picture is José María Forque. Film tape was nominated for “Goya”. One of Antonio’s last roles is the imperious rich Pedro Luis in the film “Harrapellejos”. According to the story, he molested a poor girl, but she rebuked him. Also in the 1980s, the actor got small roles in the films “Requiem according to the Spanish peasant”, “Beyond the city walls”, “Galician”. In the 1990s, he played in the TV series “Drugstore on duty”, which ran from 1991 to 1995, and the paintings “Game of Invisible Messages” and “Lullaby of the Tramp”.

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