Ana de Armas: biography, career, personal life

The date of birth of the famous actress is April 30, 1988. It came to light in a small locality called Santa Cruz del Norte. The town is located in Cuba.

From the earliest years the girl began to be drawn to creativity, surprising loved ones and acquaintances with her artistry. In addition to her schooling, Ana attended a dance studio.


got to America at a very young age. The girl’s parents decided to move to this country. But in the US, they did not live long, returning back to Cuba. Anna began to go to school in the Cuban city, but she received her certificate in Dallas.

After completing her schooling, Ana de Armas understood that she wanted to become an actress. She had both spectacular looks and good acting abilities for that. Not long thinking, the girl entered theater school.

Career in Spain

The creative biography of Ana de Armas started early enough. The set debut came when the girl turned 16. Ana performed the role in the motion picture “Rose of France”. She appeared in a minor episode, but was still glad to be able to live out her dream.

In a short period of time, the filmography of Ana de Armas was replenished with several projects at once. They didn’t bring success to a special girl. But the aspiring actress didn’t worry about it. She used every opportunity to improve her acting ability.

Famous in Spain gained thanks to the multi-series project “Black Lagoon”. The audience appeared in several seasons. Masterfully played the role of Carolina. Ana could go on to star in the miniseries project. However, she decided to move on and set out to travel in America.

Successful for the girl was work in the film “Sex, Parties and Lies”. The popularity only increased after the release of the project “Spain. Legend”. In the miniseries film “Roman Spain”, Ana de Armas was given the role of a slave girl.

A career in Hollywood

Deafening success came to the girl only after filming in Hollywood. Ana de Armas’s filmography was supplemented by the project “Who’s There?”. A girl on one set worked with the famous Keanu Reeves. The project came to screens in 2015, instantly making the actress recognizable. Once again with a famous man the girl collaborated in the film “Daughter of God”.

Popularity increased after the film project “Guys with Trunks” was released. The lead roles went to Jonah Hill and Miles Teller. Then there was work to create the motion picture “Stone Fists”. The set partner was Robert De Niro.


successful work in the filmography of Ana de Armas can be called the motion picture “Overdrive”. The girl got one of the leading roles. Then there was an equally successful role in the film project “Blade Runner 2049.” The girl was made up of stars such as Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. An extreme work in the actress’s filmography is “Nakedness Knives”, in which Ana starred alongside Chris Evans.

At the present stage, actress Ana de Armas lives in Los Angeles. She regularly receives interesting offers from eminent directors. The girl is completely happy with her career. The Cuban-born actress is starring in several projects at once.

Pictures such as “Blonde” and “Deep Water” are due to come on screens soon. In addition, Ana de Armas became another James Bond girl. The actress got a role in the motion picture “It’s Not Time to Die”.

Outside the set

How are things going in Ana de Armas’s personal life? Her first choice to become known to the general public was actor Mark Clotet. The acquaintance took place on the set. It all started with a normal affair, and ended with a wedding. The gala event took place on the Cuban island. But after a few months, the marriage was dimming at the seams. Ana and Mark decide to divorce. The actor confessed about the breakdown of the relationship at a film festival.


lonely showy girl was short-lived. Her new choice is named Martin Rivas. We met while working on the creation of the film “Black Lagoon”.

A few months later, Ana de Armas was already building a new relationship. Alejandro Pineiro Bello became her choice. But neither was this novel lengthy. At the present stage it is authentically unknown whether Ana de Armas is alone or not. But there are rumours of an affair with Bradley Cooper.

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