Actress Elena Lyadova: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Elena Lyadova is an actress who has managed to win a huge number of awards over the course of her career. There was room in her piggy bank for “Nicky” and “Golden Eagle.”

A short biography


Elena Lyadova was published in 1980, December 25. There was this event in a town called Morshansk. Neither father nor mom were involved with cinema. Dad — first served under contract, and then worked as a scout engineer. Mom is an economist by education. Elena is not the only child in the family. She has a brother, Nikita. He’s younger than his star sister.

Almost immediately after the birth of the child, parents made the decision to move. The choice was made in favour of Odintsovo. It was in this city that Elena trained in school.

A career in film has been dreaming from early childhood. Didn’t give up the dream and after getting the certificate. She managed to enter the Shchepkin school without much difficulty. Education was received under Rimma Solntseva. After becoming a professional actress, Elena Lyadova settled to work at TYuZ. But subsequently decided to pay all attention only to cinema.

Creative biography of Elena Lyadova

The first project in the filmography of a talented actress is “Two on a swing”. She starred in a minor episode while attending school for the sake of experience. Then there was the motion picture Cosmos as Premonition. The girl received a more significant role, but still failed to be remembered by the audience.

First success brought a role in the film project “Pavlov’s Dog”. For her masterful acting, our heroine won her first award. Besides, she managed to interest eminent directors.

“ Lyubka” is the first project in Elena Lyadova’s filmography in which she played the lead character. Several prestigious awards came from the film “Elena”. Over the next few years, films with Elena Lyadova, such as “Collectors”, “Vesuchy”, “Ashes” came to the screens. In the last picture, Vladimir Mashkov and Yevgeny Mironov worked together with her on set.

Geographer Globus is a successful project in the filmography of Elena Lyadova. She starred alongside Konstantin Habensky and Anfisa Chernykh. In front of the audience appeared in the image of the main character’s wife.

Even greater success came from the film “Leviathan”. Our heroine appeared in the image of the wife of the lead character, the role of which went to Alexey Serebryakov.

But most of all the audience remembered the role of Elena Lyadova in the film “Treason”. The girl masterfully played back the main character, who had several lovers. Together with her, Kirill Kyaro, Denis Shvedov and Glafira Tarkhanova worked on the creation of the project. Elena received another film award for her masterful game.

In Elena Lyadova’s filmography it is worth highlighting such projects as “Day Before”, “Rubezh”, “McMafia”, “Dovlatov”, “Suitcase”, “Outpost”, “Vanishing Traces”. The actress continues to be active in new projects.

Outside the set

How are things in Elena Lyadova’s personal life? The first serious affair was with Ilya Isayev. But the relationship fell apart because of the man’s treason. Elena became depressed after betrayal by a loved one. It took several months to return to their former state.

The second serious affair was with actor Alexander Yatsenko. Together, they worked to create the motion picture “Soldier Decameron”. Have lived in a civil marriage for more than 5 years. The reason for the breakup was treason on Alexander’s part.

Vladimir Vdovichenkov became the next elected. They met the man while working to create the film “Leviathan”. At that point, the actor was married. But his marriage fell apart.

Today Vladimir Vdovichenkov is Elena Lyadova’s husband. The wedding took place in 2015. Actors prefer not to talk to journalists about their personal lives, so almost nothing is known about the solemn ceremony.

Elena Lyadova and her husband Vladimir Vdovichenkov often rest in Europe. They have their own lodge in Menton. Periodically fly to the Côte d’Azur.

Rumors surfaced several times that Elena was pregnant. But the actress herself always refuted them. At the present stage, she has no children.

Interesting facts

  1. Elena Lyadova is not only an actress, but also an agent of her husband. She helps Vladimir look for roles.
  2. At the filming of the film “Testament of Lenin” Elena froze her toes.
  3. Elena could get the title role in the film “My Beautiful Nanny”, but she was ahead of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.
  4. Elena worked as a presenter on TV-3. She conducted a program called “To be or not to be”.
  5. Elena’s brother also decided to become an actor. He, like his sister, entered the Shchepkin School on his first attempt.

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