Actor Henry Cavill: biography, career, personal life

 May 5, 1983 is Henry Cavill’s birth date. It came to light on an island called Jersey. His parents were not involved with film and creativity. The father is a former serviceman. Retiring, he began to work as a broker. Mom is a housewife. Her area of responsibilities included housework and parenting. In addition to Henry, the family grew up 4 children.

To creativity the talented guy began to be drawn from a very young age. During his training, he appeared regularly on the school stage. After completing his studies in junior grades, Henry Cavill went to study at a closed boarding school, which is located in the county of Buckinghamshire.

Henry realized as a child that there was nothing to do on the island. He tried his best to leave. The closed boarding school was the first stepping stone to success. It was hard at school. This is Henry’s uptight and handsome now. As a child, he was small and full. So he was often bullied.

But the bullying only tempered the character. He continued to perform on stage despite difficulties. Feeling like an object for ridicule categorically refused. Subsequently, he began to devote much time to sports. Rugby, field hockey, cricket – Henry proved himself in all these games.

Despite regular performances and athletic achievements, the guy didn’t dream of either a career in movies or sports. He wanted to devote his life to the study of antiquities. Egypt’s history and mythology attracted most. I thought about a military career as well. Could have followed in the footsteps of his father and brothers, but according to the will of fate he got on set.

The first steps in a career


debut on set took place when Henry Cavill turned 18. He got a role in the motion picture “Laguna”. Although Henry didn’t plan to become an actor, he didn’t refuse the offer to star in the project. It was during filming that Henry finally realized that he had managed to find his calling.

The first reviews from critics received after filming in the film “Count of Monte Cristo”. Coped with the role perfectly, showing all facets of his talent. It was after the release of the project that Henry was talked about as a promising actor.

Success in film career

In 2007, Henry Cavill was invited to star in “The Tudors”. In the multi-series project, our hero got the role of Charles Brandon. It was this miniseries project that made Henry Cavill famous. The actor starred in all seasons of the popular picture. For his sake the camera crew allowed themselves some freedom in the treatment of historical events.

For several subsequent years, Henry was talked about as Hollywood’s unluckiest actor. He was constantly losing roles. Was to play Cedric Diggory in “Harry Potter”, Edward Cullen in “Twilight”, James Bond in “Casino Royale” and the protagonist in the motion picture “Superman Returns”. But he tried on the superhero costume. A role in the film project “Man of Steel” only solidified Henry Cavill’s popularity.

The actor has stated more than once that he did not hope to get a cherished role. He went to the test, thinking that someone would “sit up” again. But Henry managed to get the director interested and get the role. By the way, in casting he bypassed actors such as Armie Hammer and Joe Mangagnello. Along with him, Amy Adams toiled on set.

The film was successful, thanks to which work began on the creation of the second part. And a few years later Henry in the image of a superhero appeared before the audience in the film “Justice League”. Along with him, the motion picture starred Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa.

In Henry Cavill’s filmography, it is worth highlighting projects such as “Castle of Sand”, “Agents of the A.N.C.L.” and “Mission Impossible. Consequences.” For filming in the latter project, Henry had to grow a moustache. Because of this, many difficulties arose. After all, the actor during this period worked on creating a superhero project. Appearances in a movie picture of mustachioed Superman were not intended. The problem was solved by mounting.


extreme work in Henry Cavill’s filmography is the miniseries project “The Witcher”. The actor has stated more than once that he dreamed of acting in Geralt’s image. His dreams came true. The project and Henry Cavill’s involvement in it caused much controversy among viewers and critics. However, the actor handled his role brilliantly.

At the present stage, Henry is working to create the motion picture “Enola Holmes”. Talk about filming the second season of the miniseries project “The Witcher”.

Outside the set

About personal life Henry Cavill talking to reporters and fans doesn’t like. He’s a closed-minded enough person. Even with fellow set members doesn’t seek to be frank. However, excessive stealth does not prevent you from posting photos regularly on your Instagram page.

For a long time, there were rumors in the media about an affair with Ellen Whitaker. The girl has nothing to do with cinema. She is engaged in equestrian sports, having achieved considerable success in this area. Met Henry and Ellen for several years. But the relationship broke down due to a new but short-term affair. Henry dated actress Kaley Cuoco for two weeks.

The hidden lifestyle has led to rumours that Henry Cavill is gay. However, the actor had no reaction to it. And some time later journalists were able to check that Henry is in a relationship with Tara King. But the novel did not last long. After breaking up, the actor began dating Lucy Cork. That relationship didn’t last long either.

Henry Cavill has repeatedly stated in interviews that for him to come first for a long time was a career in film, not a personal one life. But over time, he increasingly began to contemplate starting a family. The new cast member was Tyla Bishop. The girl is far from cinematography. She toils in the fire department and personal trainer.

In addition to filming in films, Henry Cavill is part of a charitable foundation. He is cared for by wildlife. Also is a representative of the Marine Corps Foundation.

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