10 moments in Soviet movies we didnt notice

Caucasian captive

Edik, pretending to be a doctor, spits on her hands through a gauze bandage to pull out a syringe. That’s a pretty interesting way!

Comrade Saakhov goes on a date to Nina for some reason with even number of flowers, taking, moreover, a bottle of champagne – and returns already doused with red wine.

 Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession

¬†After a riot of the tsar’s troops because of a fake tsar, during which dishes flew in the swordsmen, from the refectory suddenly disappear and dishes, and even chairs! Very mysterious mishap.

When Ivan the Terrible tries to hide in Zina’s apartment behind a corkscrew, the water in the aquarium is green and muddy, the fish in it is almost impossible discern, the time machine has a flask with clear liquid. But when Zina comes to the window, the aquarium and the flask change their contents: the liquid from clear turns into maroon, and the water in the aquarium is cleaned and even a certain algae appears.

 Operation A and other adventures of Shurik

¬†Given the required number of doubles for the perfect scene, one can understand why Shurik’s pants even before falling into the barrel clearly shows a white mark from her rim.

 We all remember this dialogue:

 What did you ask?

– How to go to the library!

– At 3 a.m.? Idiot…

however, as we see from the library mode plate, he’s not such an idiot! The library, it turns out, has been working since 3 o’clock at night!

Gentlemen of good luck

 I think not everyone noticed that the kindergarten teacher played, showing mastery of reincarnation, Ellochka Shchukina of 12 chairs (Natalia Vorobyova-Hrzich). Awesome metamorphosis!

 When the three gentlemen walked to the theatre, there was a certain headscarf on the Kosom, with dark wide edging and large patterns, and when they came to the theater Рthe headscarf was already quite different.

 12 chairs

Dvornik, played by Yuri Nikulin, faints after seeing a shaved Kisu Vorobyaninova. However, on the stairs definitely lies quite another person, besides in other clothes – a black vest instead of a beige working apron.

It is also worth paying attention to noticeably grown since the manufacture of the poster!

And what interesting moments in Soviet films were remembered for you?

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