You wont be seen: how to close your smartphone camera quickly and stylishly

Mobile espionage isn’t that much of a rarity these days. You can protect yourself from this trouble in different ways.

Method 1. Band-Aid or Isolation

You can always tape the camera of your smartphone or laptop with a regular patch or insulated. In this case, you can use the camera only by ungluing the protective layer, which leads to certain inconveniences, and looks not particularly presentable. This method is perfect for those who do not use the camera of a mobile device at all or use it very rarely.

Method 2. Special accessory

Not so long ago on the market of accessories for mobile devices appeared special valves that are glued to the surface of the device in the area of camcorder location. These devices are a frame on which the shutter is located, which shifts sideways if necessary.

These protective devices look quite stylish, but you need to use them carefully, otherwise the frame can unglue, and the valve fall out of it and get lost.

Therefore, it is best to use such protective devices for small stationary webcams, such as protecting the front camera on a laptop.

Method 3. Make the most of

handy materials However, to protect personal mobile devices you can easily and quickly create protection against spy filming through your own smartphone. In ordinary life it is not without photo and video cameras, so the device created should provide ease of use, be practical and stylishly complementary to the image of the owner, rather than being a belm in the to the eye on a personal cell phone. It turns out that it’s very easy and quick to create at home from what’s at hand.

To stylishly and beautifully protect your phone from spy filming you will need: regular hair rubber band suitable color and thickness (if such gum is not present, normal linen will suit 7 mm thick gum), decorative element to your taste, threads, scissors, needle. So, to create stylish protection against mobile espionage through a video camera, follow these steps:

  1. If you use hair gum, you just need to put it on your smartphone. Ideal if it already has a suitable decorative element to be placed on top of the rear chamber. If the decorative element is missing, then how it can be added is described below.
  2. If there is no finished gum, use regular linen. Wrap it with tension around the smatphone (the gum should be placed on top of the case) so that it passes through the camcorder areas. If the case allows, you can push it through the opening to mount the wrist loop or simply stick it to the side surface of the silicone case – so the rubber band will not get lost.
  3. Cut off the required length and secure the ends.
  4. Usually the rear chamber is more frontal, so the elastic band may not overlap the entire field of view of the rear chamber. To correct this circumstance, fasten the decorative element on the elastic band in this place. It can be sewn or glued or secured in some other way. The method of attachment will depend on what is chosen as the decorative element. What specifically it will be depends on the personal preferences, style and taste of the mobile device owner.

    Decorative element can be sewn or draped by itself (figurine made of felt or other fabric, bow or flower made of satin tape), it can be cut from cardboard or opaque plastic cover, or use already ready from a flat keyring or baby rubber.

    Fantasies for every taste are allowed here. The main thing is that the decor is opaque and overlaps the peephole of the camera.

  5. Protective device ready!

    To use the video camera, just remove the rubber band, and to close the review – just put it on again.

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