What was the first cell phone

First cell phone


first official cell phone was the apparatus of American engineer Martin Cooper, Director of Mobile Communications at Motorola. On this apparatus, on April 3, 1973, he first called his competitor from Bell Laboratories Corporation – Joe Engel. The

phone with an antenna sticking out weighed just over one kilogram and worked in conversation mode for no more than an hour. No additional functions the cell device had, as well as the familiar display for modern humans, only twelve keys (10 digital, call and end call).

According to the official version, the first commercial cell phone, DynaTac, was released on June 13, 1983 by Motorola.

However, there is every reason to state that the first cell phone was produced in the Soviet Union. It was the domestic radio engineer Leonid Kupriyanovich who created the sample mobile phone “LK-1″, which was tested in 1957. The first “mobile” had a range of up to thirty kilometers, but its main minus was unacceptable for such phone weight — three kilograms.

Therefore, a year later Leonid Ivanovich improved the model of the cell phone. The updated apparatus was the size of a pack of papyros and weighed just half a kilo. The phone allowed not just to make outgoing calls, but also to receive incoming calls from landlines and street machines.

Interesting facts about cell phones

The first official American mobile phone put up for sale cost nearly four thousand dollars! For example, the Toyota King of the same year cost three hundred dollars cheaper. At the same time, the owner of the phone needed to split monthly for another fifty dollars of subscription fee.

The first mass-distributed cell phone was the Nokia 1011 brand apparatus. It already had a small display and ran in the GSM standard. The first folding cell phone was the Motorola StarTAC.

In addition, the Motorola StarTac mobile phone was among the very first machines to have a screen with cells.

The first communicator was the Nokia 9000. It was made like a penal, on one side of it there was a screen and on the other keyboard. This communicator was based on the Intel 386 processor.

A cell phone with an IR port appeared in 2001 again under the Nokia brand. The first phone with an mp3 player was the Samsung SPH-M100.

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