How to install Google services on Huawei

 Google Installer

 Despite the lack of ability to download apps via Google Play, the latest program can still be installed. And you can do it even without the help of a PC, but additional applications will be required. And one of them is Google Installer.

Unfortunately, Google Installer is not available in Russian, and the interface can be changed at best only to English. In older versions, only the Chinese-language interface is available. To avoid installing unwanted software, it is best to install it from the developer’s official website.

After launching the application, the first thing is to turn to factory applications that log in to the account and are responsible for synchronizing information: Google Service Framework, Google Account Manager, as well asGoogle Calendar Syncsynchronization services,Google Account Sync.

After installing them, you can already pay attention to Google Play and other services from Google. You can also download Google Play first, and then install everything else through it.

After you complete the installation of the required applications, you must restart your phone. The appropriate shortcuts will appear on the desktop. It is only necessary to enter the login and password from the account and that’s all: all applications will work quite properly, without hovering or errors. Problems will occur only with auto-update, which, in other things, do not pass as often.

 Chat Partner The

user needs to install the Chat Partnerapp. It is very optimized and therefore weighs only 147 MB. Next, you need to log in and click on Detect Device. Then you need to click on Repair Now, then wait a while. Automatic download of all the main and most popular services from Google to the phone, including Google Play, through which you can additionally install the necessary applications.


Huawei and Honor introduced its app store, which also has no services from Google. However, it is replenished with the main applications at an incredibly high speed and develops very quickly. It is worth paying attention to the user-friendly interface and beautiful design.

Here you can also set analogues of services. For example, if you insert Google Gmailemail into the search line, the service will offer an analogue in the form of MyMail.

So it’s hard to rebuke the company for inaction. Of course, analogues do not compare to the original programs from Google, and because if there is no sympathy for them, you can download the above installers and access Google Play through them, and through it and to the rest of the apps from Google.

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