How to find out your Megaphone phone number


Try to find out Megaphone phone number using the special command of the operator *111#. So you will become available menu of information and other services management. Select the line “Recall tariff/number”. After a while, you will receive a SMS message that will contain your number on Megaphone, as well as the current rate. This service is completely free of charge.


You can also find out your number on Megaphone for free via the command *127#. Please note that depending on the connected rate, the command required to determine the number may be different or not at all.


Another way to find out your Megaphone phone number is by contacting a cell operator. To do this, dial 0550 and wait for a specialist’s response. Ask him to name your number. The operator can request your passport details or simply specify who the SIM card is issued on. If you provide reliable information, he will name the correct number.


Find the documents (contract, warranty, etc.) that you got on hand when buying a SIM card. Your mobile number should be listed here. If there are no documents on hand, but there is a Megaphone mobile phone salon nearby, try to contact employees. Checking your passport, they will help to find out the necessary mobile number.


Make a call on the mobile phone of one of your family members or friends who is nearby. His device will determine the incoming number, and you will only have to write it down. If there are few funds on the balance, and make a call is not possible, send a free message to a familiar person asking them to call back. To do this, use the command *144*+7 (subscriber number) #.

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