How to disable tablet


Simply disabling the tablet. Each model has the button “Turn on – off” is in different places: at some – at the side, at some back or at the top. To turn on, you need to press this button and hold a little — until the image appears on the screen.


To disable the tablet, press the same button as when turning on and wait until the screen goes off or the screensaver goes.


Tablet hung. To solve the problem, there are several options: simply turn off and on; extract all additional fixtures; reload. After switching off, it is necessary to wait a couple of seconds and only then turn on.


Extraction of additional devices. If you fail to disable or correct the situation in the first way, you can use this method. All devices are extracted from the tablet: SIM card, memory card and battery. Then are inserted back and the tablet is reactivated.


Reboot. Each tablet has a Reset button. You need to press it with something sharp and wait a little. At the time of this operation, you must extract the flash card to avoid deleting all games, contacts, music, etc. After this action, the tablet must turn on itself. You can insert the memory card back.


Charging. If the screen does not light up, you can put the device on charge for 20 minutes, then try to turn on again. If the tablet becomes slightly warm, then it works.


Disconnecting the tablet from the computer. With iPads and iPod, this operation is performed differently. The iPad has enough to disable the USB cord – cable from the computer and tablet. In all other tablets, the operation to disconnect the device from the PC is performed in the same way. Things are
a lot harder at the iPod. Before disconnecting from your computer, click the “Extract” button next to the source list. If this device has already been added to the list, click Controls – “Extract” button.

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