How to connect to 4G

You will need
  • – a computer with Mobile Yota WiMAX module;
  • – USB modem or router.

Purchase a laptop or stationary computer with Mobile Yota WiMAX module to use 4G internet. You will also need a usb modem or set that includes the router and modem immediately. All this can be obtained at any Yota sales office or through OSCompany, which is the official representative of the company.


Go to the website for a choice of tariff and suitable equipment. For this purpose, you can use a special online assistant. There are both budget devices for modulating data (which does not make them less efficient) and more technological and expensive. 4G LTE modem is very easy to operate: enough connect it to a USB port. After that, the modem installer automatically starts. After that, you need to go through a simple registration procedure, and you will have high-speed and completely unlimited internet.


Make the first connection to Yota. To do this, you need to insert the modem into your computer and wait for it to be automatically connected to Next, you should activate the modem in your personal account on the site

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