How to choose a good and inexpensive e-book

Screen type

Choosing an e-book, first of all pay attention to the screen type, it determines how convenient it will be to read. Most readers prefer E-Ink technology — these electronic inks make the device screen look like a paper book page with a printed font, with the screen not being illuminated from the inside, that reduces image contrast, facilitates reading, especially long, as it does not strain the eyes. In addition, this technology allows the book to run without charge for a very long time, even active readers may not charge the device for a few weeks. One of the significant drawbacks of such a book is the lack of illumination, which makes it impossible to read it in the dark.

Some books with E-Ink technology have external illumination that is not directed at the person’s eye, but at the page — as a flashlight for a regular book.

E-books with LCD screen can show color images, play videos, the font in them is more contrasting, but from reading more often tired eyes, as well as reading from a computer monitor or phone. Such books respond quickly to page flipping (E-Ink makes the device work slow), but discharge faster.

If you’re an avid reader and spend several hours a day reading, then choose E-Ink technology. If you need a more multifunctional device, a book with an LCD screen will be suitable.

Method of control

There are books with traditional control using buttons or with touch devices. Touch is more expensive, so if you want to focus on quality and low price, then choose an e-book with convenient buttons for flipping through pages. Hold the device in your hands to understand how convenient it is to press the buttons — it is desirable that they are located on the side of the screen, right below your fingers.

Touchscreens of books are more fragile, because of constantly touching fingers they get dirty faster, and since most often you only have to flip the pages during reading, then use such technology is not always justified. On the other hand, many people are more comfortable using a touch screen, especially if they not only read but also watch photos or movies.

Other features

If you want to buy a good but inexpensive e-book, pay attention to devices without additional features. For example, if you don’t need an Internet access (and with a book that has electronic ink, it’s very difficult), then it’s better to opt out of this feature. It is also undesirable to choose devices with a player, with the ability to play video or play. Take into account only your needs – carefully read the list of formats supported by the book, be interested in the availability of dictionaries if you read in foreign languages, or the possibility of increase the font to very large if you suffer from farsightedness.

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