How to cancel a paid iPhone subscription: 3 ways

What is a “paid subscription”

 In the App Store there are certain apps and services that provide access to your content or its hidden part by subscription. Unlike the one-off purchase procedure for various electronic products, the subscription is renewed automatically after certain periods — usually once a month. Such renewable subscriptions include:

  • Apple News.
  • e-books, film services;
  • Apple Music and “Yandex.Music”;
  • entertainment Internet services (Netflix, Spotify and others);
  • photo editors, etc.
  • Such products remain free for one month and are then automatically renewed for the same period. In addition, various applications, especially games, offer users useful services and opportunities, such as purchase in-game currency, expand the list of available features, remove pop-up advertising, etc. If you do not cancel your paid subscription on iPhone in time, the next financial expenses will not be avoided.

    Canceling a paid app subscription The

    main difficulty for iPhone owners comes with finding the uninstall feature superfluous subscriptions because it is not in sight: the creators of the smartphone clearly wanted to confuse the unlucky user to change his mind and save the app on the smartphone for as long as possible. But there’s nothing difficult here. To find out your iPhone subscriptions, follow the algorithm:

    1. Go to your settings, click on your account, and go to the iTunes Store and App Store.
    2. Go to Apple ID at the top of the menu.
    3. Select View. Enter your Apple ID and password or use Touch ID to authorize.
    4. Click on the link “Subscriptions”.
    5. Select the subscription you want to opt out of.

    You can either cancel your paid iPhone subscription altogether or make changes to the current usage mode of a specific application or service. In case of cancellation, the paid subscription will cease to be valid at the end of the conditional free or paid period.

    Unsubscribing in iTunes

    Discontinuation of any service is also available on iTunes. Try using this alternative way to solve the problem with paid subscriptions:

    1. Start iTunes and sign in with your Apple ID.
    2. Expand the Account menu and select View.
    3. Enter a password or tap Touch ID to identify.
    4. Find the Settings section on the account information page.
    5. Click on the “Manage” link next to “Subscriptions”.
    6. Find the subscription you want to delete and select Edit next to it.

    As in the previous method, you can change the terms of service or unsubscribe completely. And again in the latter case, the service expires at the end of the paid period.

    Delete iCloud Subscription and iTunes Match

    Paid Subscriptions to iCloud Services and iTunes Match are not subject to standard algorithm, although these services are provided by Apple. It is not uncommon for users to accidentally activate a paid subscription that provides additional space to store photos or other files on the cloud service online. If you want to opt out of providing additional space for storing files in iCloud:

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Open the iCloud section.
    3. Specify the path to the iCloud storage.
    4. Click Modify Current Plan.
    5. Select the appropriate service setup.

    The operation to cancel a paid subscription on a personal computer is performed in a similar manner, and the noticeable difference lies only in some of the features of the settings. On Mac, run your system settings and click the iCloud icon, and on Windows, run iCloud and configure the Storage option.

    Unsubscribing to iTunes Match is as follows:

    1. Run iTunes.
    2. Expand the Account menu and select View.
    3. Enter your Apple ID.
    4. Locate the iTunes section in the cloud.
    5. Specify “Disable Automatic Update”.

    Deleting other paid subscriptions

    If the subscription money continues to be withdrawn from your account, but it does not appear in the settings, it means that you have issued it directly with the operator mobile communication. In this case, to cancel a paid subscription on the iPhone, you must contact the support desk or use your personal account via the Internet browser on your computer or smartphone.

    Take a

    close look at the list of connected services and subscriptions and find out if there are paid ones among them. Check out the options available and disable unnecessary services if necessary. Usually, each operator also provides the option of disabling subscriptions and services through special USSD or SMS commands. In addition, you can always visit the nearest operator’s office to solve problems.

    If you suspect that you have been a victim of fraudsters, for example, accidentally installed a suspicious app or connected an unwanted spam subscription, you can try to return the written money. To do this, write a letter to Apple Support (in English) on the official website of the company or submit a similar request to your mobile provider.

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