How to borrow money

You will need


  • mobile phone, internet

If you are gone in minus no more than for 30 rubles, you can connect the service “Promised Payment”. Dial *111*123# and call or call 1113 and follow the system instructions. You can also use the services of an Internet assistant.


If you borrow less than 20 rubles, the service is free. If you take 20 or more rubles, the cost of each such service is 5 rubles. At the same time, the amount of the promised payment depends on how much you spend on MTS mobile services per month.


With costs up to 300 rubles can be taken from MTS up to 200 rubles. If you spend from 301 to 500 rubles per month, you have promised payment up to 400 rubles. At the expense of 501 rubles per month, the amount of the promised payment is up to 800 rubles.


At zero balance, there are other opportunities to “borrow money.” This is the connection of the free service “On full trust”. It allows you to immediately leave minus up to 300 rubles, without interrupting communication. Further, depending on the term of use, the credit limit is increased. After 6 months it will be 50% of the amount spent on communication services. To connect to this service, you need to dial *111*32# on your mobile number and press the call key.


There is another option to call and send SMS in case of negative balance. It’s a “bail out” service. You don’t need to plug it in. To send SMS to another MTS subscriber at his expense, you need to dial his number with the prefix 5880. If he agrees, it will be possible to do so. To call another subscriber at his expense, you need to dial 0880 and subscriber number in 10-digit format, press the call key. With the consent of the subscriber, this will become possible.


In addition, there is a “Call Me Back” service. To use it, dial *110*, mobile number of the desired subscriber, # and call. You can use the help of a friend to translate your balance into a positive one. Dial on your mobile *116*, subscriber number, # and call. “Call me back” and “Recharge me account” services can be used by contacting not only MTS subscribers, but to users of all mobile networks of the Russian Federation.

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