All advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy S10

The design

of the

look of the Samsung Galaxy S10 differs little from the previous model of the Galaxy lineup. Non-essential changes were made only on the front of the smartphone, namely, the frames from the top and bottom were reduced, and the front camera was moved to the top right corner. In everything else, the difference can only be found in size.


smartphone sits very comfortably in the hand thanks to its size – 149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8 mm. The relatively small weight of 157 grams allows you to work on the device on the move with one hand There’s no discomfort. The phone is produced in several color variations. In addition to black and white the manufacturer paid attention also to bright colors.

With AlwaysOn Displayactivated, available only on Samsung devices, the user can adjust the dial that will be displayed on the screen when the display is turned off. It’s very comfortable and looks from the side quite stylish. Apple tried to copy this chip, but it failed to implement it as successfully.

The fingerprint sensor was built into the screen. The developer planned to make its coverage a third of the screen, but the idea was not applied due to the large number of false positives. The sensor does not work as sensitively and activates the smartphone more slowly, although the difference in comparison with other flagships is hardly noticed.


On the back of the smartphone is built in a triple camera module. Each of the lenses fulfills a role. The first camera has 16 MP and serves as an ultra wide-angle lens. The second is 12 MP and has a wide-angle lens. The third is a telephoto lens with 12 MP.

With this module you can take photos whose coverage is 127 degrees. At the same time, focus, quality and palette have significantly progressed. If you take Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for comparison, you can notice a great difference primarily in colors.

Night mode, of course, is present. And if you look at it, the quality of shooting at night really changed for the better. But there are few significant changes.


Dual Pixel front-facing camera has 10 MP and, like the main cameras, can shoot videos as 4K at 30 fps. We can conclude that the cameras on this smartphone are really very good and have a lot of positive sides.



smartphone runs on an eight-core Exynos 9820 processor with 8 GB RAM. There is a slot for an additional SIM card that can be used for a memory card up to 512 GB. The battery is quite capacious – 3,400 mAh. It will be enough for a full day with active use.

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