All advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy A41 smartphone – a compact variant of the Galaxy A51

 Samsung Galaxy A41


can be called compact compared to A31/A51 models. The device has dimensions of 149.9 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm, and the weight is only 152 grams. It lies well in the hand, it’s easy to use one hand. The brush will not tire after long work with it.

As for color solutions, there are still an extremely small number of them. Only three colors are available in the Russian market – white, black and red. In foreign markets there will be clearly more variations.

The build quality is at a high level. The case consists of expensive metal and is not scratched. The back panel does not leave fingerprints. The screen is made of high-quality and expensive glass Glasstic, it also has a fingerprint. The sensor is equipped with protection against accidental taps, and therefore the unlock speed can not be faster than 1.5-2 seconds. For its price segment, this is an excellent result in which there are no flaws.


 On the back panel is a camera module consisting of three lenses and a flashlight that is used to implement flash. Each of the lenses has its own parameters and its role. The first has 5 MP and is equipped with a depth sensor. The second is 48 MP, and it plays the role of the main lens. The third lens is wide-angle and has 8 MP.

Perhaps there is no deep palette of colors, and therefore the photos will not feature some gouache or bright colors. However, there are no noises here, and in general the camera is quite good showing itself.

Wide-angle lens handles just as well with by his job. The whole area he takes on is well displayed. There is no “soap” around the edges, quality is kept everywhere.

You can shoot videos on this device in maximum quality FullHD 1080p. That is, the ability to shoot in 4K resolution is still missing here.



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Samsung Galaxy A41 are powered by the MediaTek Helio P65 MT6768 processor, which has 2 cores. The GPU is Mali G52 MS2. Operating memory – 4 GB, main – 64 GB. There is a microSD socket, that is, using a memory card, free space can be expanded to 512 GB. Li-Ion battery is quite capacious – 3500 mAh enough for video playback up to 17 hours, LTE running time is up to 15 hours. In conversation mode, the battery action will be enough for about 25 hours continuously.

For charging or transferring files there is a USB Type C. NFC socket present and can work in conjunction with Samsung Pay, Google Pay applications.

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