All advantages and disadvantages of Oppo Find X2


 Oppo Find X2 is quite good. There are several reasons: rounded corners, pleasant to the touch back panel, which leaves no fingerprints, as well as good ergonomics. Smartphone dimensions: 165×75×8mm. The device is thin and sits well in the hand, however, with its long use, the hand begins to tire, as it has considerable weight for the smartphone – 209 grams.

The camera on the back panel is located in the corner. That’s an important advantage. Large chamber modules some manufacturers install in the middle, and while shooting fingers can close the lens. Because of this, holding the phone while shooting becomes uncomfortable. There is no such problem here.

With a front-facing camera, it’s not all that good. Developers, to make the screen area larger, installed it in the corner. Such a design solution is not to all users.


fingerprint scanner is under the screen. It works fast enough – in just 1-1.5 seconds.



main camera here is represented by a module consisting of three lenses. The first lens has 48 MP and is the primary. The second possesses 13 MP and plays the role of optical zoom. The third is ultra-wide with 12 MP.

As for the result, the difference between 48 and 12 MP is not that important here. Literally a little wider palette of colors, slightly fewer colors and all. Whether to use a lens with 48 MP with the condition that the photo will take up three times as much space – everyone decides. However, the fact remains – the difference between the two is, in fact, small.

 The reason for this small difference is simple – camera with 12 MP on Oppo uses additional filters by default. The picture turns out more colorful, there is a certain “gouache” on some objects. But it is, in principle, imperceptible.

Photos taken on Oppo Find X2 are pretty overall. The shadows that adorn the photo are preserved, there are no noises.

Optical x20 zoom – a function that is rarely used by users. The quality here, as one might notice, is weak. But in general terms, the result is not bad.


camera can shoot videos in the maximum 4K format. It is worth noting good stabilization and fast autofocus.


Oppo Find X2


run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 eight-core SoC processor bundled with the Adreno 650 GPU. There is a slot for microSD, as well as a battery capacity of 4200 mAh. Included is charging at 65 W. This is very much in comparison to other Oppo level flagships. Smartphone is enough for active use for 1.5-2 days.

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