All advantages and disadvantages of Motorola One Action

The design

of the

 smartphone case is entirely made of plastic, and it’s a single-digit plus. The previous One Vision model was glass-coated and was very fragile, crashing even when falling from a small height. The new Motorola One Action is as sturdier.

One of the features of the smartphone design is the lack of brand on the case. Only the letter “M” on the fingerprint scanner indicates the brand, and nothing more. The device has dimensions of 160.1 x 71.2 x 9.2 mm and sits very comfortably in the hand. The brush does not tire of long work with it as its weight is 176 grams, which is small enough.

Most of the front panel takes up the screen. The front chamber is located in the upper left corner and stands out strongly. The developer’s decision to remove “bangs” and extra frames for the sake of increasing screen area is encouraged not by all users.

The Camera

Main Module has three lenses, each fulfilling a role. The first, wide-angle, has 12 MP and is necessary to detail and create a wide palette of colors. The second has 16 MP and is ultra-wide angle, responsible for large image coverage. The third possesses 5 MP and is responsible for macro photography and depth photography.

In general, the images are quite clear. There is an autofocus that defines the main detail of the image and blurs the back background. Good detail, shadows saved. Overall a very good result for a smartphone worth 16 thousand rubles.

Night pictures do not have high quality – there is a lot of unnecessary noises and shadows, but there are no extra yellowish colors that are available in many budget smartphones.

In macro survey terms, the result is the opposite. It is quite qualitative and detailed.

Ultra-wide angle lens is just as good coping with its work, though the images are somewhat grayish.

The front camera has 12 MP and is generally quite good.

Video clips the camera can shoot in maximum FullHD 2160p quality at 60 frames per second.


Motorola One Action


are powered by an eight-core Exynos 9609 processor in conjunction with the Mali-G72 MP3 GPU. RAM is 4 GB, internal memory is 128 GB. It can be expanded with a microSD memory card to 512 GB. There is a slot for the second SIM card.

The battery with capacity of 3500 mAh allows you to actively use the smartphone for a whole day. However, there is no fast charging mode, and the power supply itself is designed for 10 watts, that is, charging the smartphone will be long.

The operating system of the device is Android 9.0. If updates appear, the system asks for permission to install it.

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