All advantages and disadvantages of iPhone SE 2020 (second generation)

The iPhone SE 2020 design

 was fully copied from the iPhone 8 in design plan just as SE was copied from the 5S. The case of the smartphone is quite outdated by today’s standards, however it is not a minus. Many users still prefer the fingerprint scanner to face recognition.

The problems of the iPhone 8 in terms of the case here have survived. The glass back panel is quite marque and fragile – even when falling from a small height, the glass is very likely to crack.

The dimensions of the shell have not changed at all and are completely identical to the iPhone 8 – 138×67×7.3 mm. He sits just as well in his hand. It did not become easier, but it is worth noting that the hand from long work with him does not tire.

Color variants of the case are only three – white, black and red.


As the main camera, only one lens is represented here. It has 12 MP and an aperture of ƒ/1.8. This means that there is no wide-angle camera, and in general the quality of photos will compete with the inexpensive phones of 2017.

Yeah, there’s really quite a bit of detail here. There is good macro shooting, you can take good photos.

But it can only be compared with the flagships of 2017. In the night photos there are small noises, but the lights do not illuminate, there are no toxic colors, and this is an unambiguous plus. But still, the quality of the night’s shooting is not comparable to the price. The cost of iPhone SE varies from 44 to 45 thousand rubles.

Honor 8A was released in 2017. For this mometn it costs 8 thousand rubles.

Camera optimized slightly worse, toxic yellows are present due to flashlights, however overall the result is not much lags behind the iPhone SE 2020. The difference between the two is almost 35,000 and 2 years.

Videos on iPhone SE can be shot in 4K format at 30 FPS. Here – the reverse situation – it is worth noting the high quality of the video, despite just a 12 megapixel lens. The quality and stabilization are so good that sometimes it’s hard to find differences between SE and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The front camera has 7 MP. The difference between SE and iPhone 11 is just as surprisingly minimal.

The specifications

of the

iPhone SE 2020 run on the Apple A13 Bionic six-core SoC processor in conjunction with the third generation Neural Engine system. The important detail is that there is no memory card slot here – only the internal one (64/128/256 GB).

In the iPhone SE 2020, the battery capacity is 1700 mAh, which is incredibly small. The device will need to be charged several times a day. Fun fact, but previously Apple posted this information on the product page in the official store. Now information about the battery cannot be found. Only about wireless charging.

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