All advantages and disadvantages of iPad Pro

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last two years Apple’s tablet reputation is being questioned by consumers. And there are several reasons for that. The main is very simple – the iPad is quite expensive, but competitors produce similar products for a lower price.

Also many users don’t see the point in it. A certain layer of people it is corny not necessary – all functionality can be taken on by an ordinary smartphone. It’s just the size of the display.

However, in November, Apple unveiled its new product, the iPad Pro. The new product appeared on sale at the same time as the USA and Western European countries, which means that it can already be purchased.

The first thing that stands out is the iPad Pro – size. It’s very big when you compare it to the iPad Air 2. Its dimensions – 305.7 x 220.6 x 6.9 mm, weight – about 720 grams.

The size of the home button doesn’t change in any way. It is equipped with an old generation fingerprint scanner. This is reflected in the speed of response. For example, if a user uses a fingerprint on an iPhone 6, the iPhone is unlocked from one easy touch, and the iPad needs to keep the finger on the button longer. It is not critical, however it is not always convenient.

Thickness here is greater than on the iPad Air 2:6.9mm vs. 6.1mm. This though is not displayed on use, but rather strange, given that many manufacturers are positioned on the subtlety of the device case.

The iPad Pro has a screen with a diagonal of 12.9 inches, with a record expansion of 2732Ă—2048 points. This is the highest expansion among devices running on iOS.

The iPad Pro camera

features two cameras on two sides. The frontal has an extension of 1.2 MP, the main one is 8 MP. All functionality has not changed in any way compared to the iPad mini 4 and iPad Air 2. There is no flash.

In general, the camera leaves much to be desired, and is bad even against the background of previous generations. Whether this is due to the fact that the iPad is designed to work with documents and programs, rather than with photos – it is difficult to say. But the fact remains – without good lighting the photos come out extremely “soapy”.

When compared to competitors, the picture doesn’t get better.


Tablet has an A9x processor with M9 motion coprocessor, two cores. RAM is 4GB. The battery capacity is large enough – 10307 mAh. This will be enough to work via Wi-Fi for up to 10 hours, playing videos for up to 10 hours, working in LTE for up to 9 hours. At the same time, a charger for 12 Watts is included. That means it will take about 5 hours to charge the device to 100 percent.

In addition, the iPad Pro has four stereo speakers, two microphones.

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