All advantages and disadvantages of Huawei P30


 Together with the Huawei P30 smartphone came out a more advanced version of it Рthe Huawei P30 Pro. However, in appearance they are very different, and the advantage remains with the P30. The latter, above all, is lighter, thanks to its size easily sits in the hand. The brush does not tire when working with the device long. There are no pointed corners that create unnecessary inconvenience, and the back panel does not crack at the first fall.

There is a gradient on the back color transition that flips beautifully into the light and adds brightness to the smartphone. As for the fingerprint sensor, here it was moved from the back to the front, meaning it is now built into the screen. Because of the protection against false touches, it works a little slowly – the finger has to hold for 2-3 seconds.

Despite the presence of the ability to insert 2 SIM cards, the microSD memory card smartphone does not support. You have to look for a rare card of your own format Huawei NM (Nano Memory), or content only with the internal memory of the phone.


Front Camera has a 32 MP lens with an aperture f/2.0, with no autofocus. However, with good detail, color rendering and sharpness, the photos are quite good quality.

The application ‚ÄúCamera‚ÄĚ has not changed in any way from previous models of the line, you can change many elements in the settings, as well as use one of many modes.

On the rear panel is a camera with a triple lens. The main has 40 MP, the second and third have 16 and 10 MP. It is possible to shoot two lenses separately, and between them is quite a big difference. It is fashionable to understand by the color palette. By default, the module with 10 MP is installed, but it can be replaced in the settings.

The third module is created to take more coverage. It is equipped with autofocus and knows how to take photos at a 120 degree angle.

For filming at night this camera is not suitable – there are unnecessary shadows, the focus on the main element of photography is missing, and in general quality leaves much to be desired.

The specifications 

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Huawei P30 runs on Huawei Kirin’s eight-core SoC processor 980 bundled with GPU Mali-G76 MP10 GPU. RAM can range from 6 to 8 GB, internal memory can range from 64 to 256 GB. There is a 3.5 mm headphone socket. Battery capacity – 3650 mAh, there is a SuperCharge fast charging mode. Smartphone dimensions – 149√ó71√ó7.6 mm. The phone’s mass is 165 grams, which is very small compared to other smartphones.

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