Why protein diet is harmful

From lack of fiber suffers primarily the intestine. The person begins to be haunted by that constipation, then di These are all manifestations of dysbacteriosis. Disrupted carbohydrate metabolism, ketoacedosis, is also one of the “joys” of the protein diet. With a long “sitting” on it you risk acquiring bowel cancer.

In the body there is an excess of products formed during the breakdown of protein (oxalates, urates). They put a strain on the kidneys and liver, which don’t always deal with it. Not for nothing is recommended to eat balanced food that contains fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

When eating proteins for the first months, you observe a significant decrease in adipose tissue. But somewhere after half a year the weight starts to come back, as opposed to health! Patients in rehabilitation clinics complain of severe headaches, problems with bowel emptying, muscle weakness. This is a consequence of carbohydrate failure

The protein diet for girls is particularly harmful, as it can cause problems conceiving. Nitrogen, which occurs when protein is processed, accumulates in the sexual tract and can disrupt the fertilization process. When observing laboratory mice that were fed protein products, the scientists determined that only 30% of the animals became pregnant.

The protein diet offers you to forget about fruits rich in vitamins and minerals, lots of vegetables, sweet and flour. On the other hand, meat and fish can be eaten in any way, and they taste good and satiate.

But man, like herbivorous mammals, has a reasonably long intestine. When the meat is digested, slags and toxins are formed, which are excreted slowly. Therefore, all these harmful substances lie dead cargo, poisoning the body. The intestinal walls become similar to the inner surface of an old teapot covered with a perennial crust of lime.

From the latest studies of nutritionists it is evident that the norm of daily protein intake is 45 grams. To get them, you don’t have to clog your gut with sausage, cutlets and steaks. Protein is eaten in cereals, legumes, nuts, vegetables, fruits. Along with it you will get fiber and carbohydrates, without which the body cannot function normally.

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