Why prescribe tranquilizators

Why people are prescribed tranquilizers

Some people often experience nervous overloads, stresses, feelings of fear, anxiety. It doesn’t go without a trace. Often, as a result, there is constant nervous arousal, insomnia. And in the most severe cases, the case can go to mental distress.

If the usual methods of soothing, relieving nervous tension (autotraining, healthy day mode, rest, aromatic baths, massage) do not help, the doctor prescribes tranquilizers to such patient. These drugs have a pronounced soothing and relaxing effect. With their help, the nervous arousal, the feeling of anxiety either completely disappears, or becomes significantly weaker. The sleeping effect of tranquilizers is that sleep comes easier and its depth and duration increases.

Tranquilizers hardly help with conditions caused by mental disorder (such as delirium, hallucinations).

In which cases it is not desirable to prescribe tranquilizers

When treated with tranquilizers, an addictive effect may occur, as well as drug dependence. Therefore, the reception of tranquilizers is carried out only on the appointment of a specialist and under his careful supervision. As it was already said, in free sale such drugs are not allowed, it is possible to buy them only by prescription. The risk of drug dependence when taking tranquilizers in children and adolescents is particularly high. Therefore, tranquilizers are generally not prescribed.

In some cases where it is absolutely necessary, tranquilizers are prescribed to young patients as well, but only for a short time.

The characteristic side effect of many tranquilizers is drowsiness, reduction of reaction rate, concentration of attention. Therefore, those people whose work is connected with increased responsibility, the need for a quick and accurate response, such drugs are also undesirable. This category of people includes, for example, drivers.

It is absolutely unacceptable to prescribe such drugs to people who abuse alcohol, because ethyl alcohol and its metabolism products repeatedly increase the oppressive effects of components tranquilizers to the central nervous system. As a result, there can be a dramatic deterioration, up to coma and death. That is why you can buy them only on a doctor’s prescription.

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