Why can hurt a girls breast

Hormonal balance and chest pain. Is there a connection?


very frequent cause of pain is hormonal imbalance. That is, pain sensations signal that the “habitual” composition of hormones has changed in the body. That is why many women of the beautiful sex hurt their breasts during menstruation. The pain can be both barely noticeable, hardly causing discomfort, and quite severe.

A frequent cause of chest pain is pregnancy. And such sensations can occur just a few days after conception. It also occurs due to a change in hormonal background. The appearance of the breast changes over time: it increases in size, veins enlighten through the skin, stretch marks may occur. All these are signs that the body has begun to prepare mammary glands to feed the future baby.

Causes of hormonal imbalance (and, respectively, chest pains) can be various diseases of the nervous system, overwork, stresses, disorders in the work of the internal glands secretion, iodine micronutrient deficiency. Breast pain can cause excessive drinking of strong coffee or alcoholic beverages, as it also affects the hormonal background.

What else may be the cause of chest pain

Some girls, especially possessing an excellent figure, nowadays like to sunbathe topless or in microscopic swimwear, practically not covering your breasts. And it’s a big risk to the body! Especially if a girl from a northern country came to sunbathe south, where the solar ultraviolet is very “tough”. As a result, chest pain may appear, as well as dramatically increase the likelihood of skin cancer — melanoma. It’s better not to take risks and put on an indoor swimsuit. If the girl firmly wants to bathe and sunbathe topless or in a bikini swimsuit, she should visit the beach in the morning and evening hours, necessarily greasing the skin with sunscreen.

Sometimes the cause of chest pains is an uncomfortable, cramped bra, especially with stiff inserts. The pain can be caused by accidental trauma — contusion, squeezing (such as in crowded transport during rush hour).

Chest pain also occurs due to inflammation of lymph nodes, neoplasms. The most dangerous case is if these neoplasms are malignant. Therefore, in case of pain sensations in the chest, you should contact a specialist.

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